A lot of the conversations people have about how to leverage cloud based Disaster Recovery focuses on the workloads that need to be protected. This makes sense as they need to make sure that the specific application will work when being run in a different location. However, sometimes critical infrastructure components are overlooked.

One of the most overlooked infrastructure components is Active Directory or any other type of LDAP service. Some time ago I published a blog article that talked about how you would build out an Active Directory environment when using cloud based Disaster Recovery. This article explains how you build out the infrastructure in the public cloud, and shows that its done in the same way you would any other data center. You can read the article here.

Based on this article, and real world customer deployments, the vCloud Air Team has just published a new tutorial video demonstrating how this is setup and works. This video talks about the concepts of leveraging different domain controllers for authentication look ups when you bring your workloads online in a different location.

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