2015 (1)The past year has brought a lot of changes. In our commitment to delivering public cloud services for our customers, the VMware vCloud® Air™ team worked tirelessly to deliver  compelling new features, services, and locations. In 2015, we formed new partnerships, expanded into new markets, released new service offerings and enhanced existing ones. Here’s a look back at key announcements.

New partnerships and certifications.

To meet the security and compliance needs of our customers we accomplished two main goals in 2015. First, VMware vCloud® Air™ gained official acceptance into the UK G-Cloud 6 program. This means VMware has been properly vetted to ensure that it is in compliance with national privacy and security laws. Now government and public sector organizations in the UK can use vCloud Air with confidence. Second, VMware and HyTrust announced a new partnership agreement that will allow customers to purchase the HyTrust DataControl encryption and key management software through the  vCloud Air  cloud platform. This solution will enable   customers to secure virtual workloads across their hybrid environments with policy-based key management that remains under their control, achieving increased effectiveness to mitigate risks to their data sets in the public cloud.

New markets.

Changes to EU regulations in 2015 mean companies working across borders have new legal issues to contend with. To help organizatons meet this challenge and provide reliable cloud service to our customers doing business in Germany, we announced the new VMware-operated data center in Frankfurt that will provide customers with a public cloud service that addresses German and EU compliance and data sovereignty regulations  .

Complementing our expansion in Europe,  we also announced the general availability of service in Australia. This new VMware location provides customers with an infrastructure-as-a-service offering that can help address local compliance and data locality concerns in the land down under. These two new expansions marked the extension of a true hybrid cloud service to European and Asia Pacific customers, allowing them to immediately benefit from a secure and easy to access our public cloud offering.

New services, features, and programs:

This year also saw a number of new releases that will help our customers take advantage of  the cloud. We introduced VMware vCloud® Air Virtual Private Cloud OnDemand that provides instant access to self-service, usage-based cloud compute services for any application.

Until this year, no public cloud offered networking capabilities that seamlessly combined the agility and flexibility of the cloud with the security and manageability available with on-premises environments. By leveraging VMware NSX™ as its underlying networking platform, vCloud Air delivers enhanced security controls, routing, and network scaling capabilities in the cloud with VMware vCloud Air Advanced Networking Services. With these new services, customers can experience granular network security, dynamic routing, and expanded network scaling right in their vCloud Air environments.

Security concerns were a big issue in 2015 and our customers were looking for a way to ensure that the public cloud they’re using is as secure as their on-premises environment. That’s why we were  pleased to announce that with VMware vCloud Air Advanced Networking Services and VMware vCloud Air Hybrid Cloud Manager, the days of cloud resource silos, inconsistent on and off-premises security, and limited application portability are now over. Advanced Networking Services includes trust groups, dynamic routing, network scaling, high capacity connectivity, and enhanced load balancing. The Hybrid Cloud Manager allows VMware vCloud Air customers to utilize hybrid management, enhanced workload migration, and network extension. Together, these two new services open up the possibility of true hybrid networking across customers’ on and off-premises environments.

Enhanced existing services:

In March, we launched an update to our recovery-as-a-service offering, VMware vCloud® Air™ Disaster Recovery. We added and updated several features designed to enhance the disaster recovery experience, including full native failback, multi-point-in-time recovery, and a failover automation solution via vRealize Orchestrator. This release continues to fulfill the need for a reliable, cost-efficient disaster recovery solution that’s simple to manage and use.

In April, we announced the general availability of VMware Continuent 4.0, a new suite of solutions for clustering and replication of MySQL to data warehouses. This service enables enterprises running business-critical database applications to achieve commercial-grade high availability (HA), globally redundant disaster recovery (DR) and performance scaling. The new suite simplifies the creation of MySQL database clusters in the cloud or in a private data center, keeping the data available even when systems fail. VMware Continuent is available for clustering, disaster recovery, replication, and analytics.

In December, VMware Continuent 5.0 was launched to enable organizations to easily and affordably migrate an older version of an Oracle database to a new database version on new on-premises hardware, to virtualized hosts, or to the cloud without downtime. With this update, our customers can replicate from old versions of Oracle, often running on older, non-Linux platforms, to newer versions of Oracle running on economical Linux platforms. The updates in VMware Continuent 5.0 also mean that organizations can take advantage of big data with real-time reporting and analytics, make better business decisions, ensure business continuity, and extract further value for Oracle investments.

As we look forward to 2016, the VMware vCloud Air team is even more committed to providing the secure, fully compatible public cloud with hybrid cloud capabilities that our customers depend on to run their business critical applications.

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