The Ocean State Higher Education Economic Development and Administrative Network (OSHEAN) is a 501c3 non-profit research and education network, based in Rhode Island. Connecting to 150 non-profit institutions, ranging from non-profit organizations to hospitals to the state government, and libraries in the region.


The emergence of cloud services in the industry yielded an important question for OSHEAN – was there an offering they could provide in the cloud area? So they looked beyond cookie-cutter cloud providers that had network services built in. What OSHEAN wanted, was a cloud provider that could help meld their network infrastructure into their cloud architecture.

When it came down to it, NaviSite, a member of the vCloud Air Network, fit the bill.

The move immediately addressed a scalability issue that OSHEAN had – NaviSite had the scale they were looking for. As Dave Marble, CEO of OSHEAN put it, “NaviSite has been very good at adapting its services that allow you to pick the pieces that best fit [our] application.”

Additionally, the move to NaviSite helped OSHEAN address multi-tenant architecture. This was key for OSHEAN, as their tenants range from Brown University, to local hospitals, as well as the state government of Rhode Island.

“NaviSite looks like another building on our member’s network. Which is really good for them – it’s secure, it’s fast. “

Dave Marble, CEO, OSHEAN

To learn more about how NaviSite, a vCloud Air Network service provider, enables OSHEAN with affordable and scalable cloud services, watch this video:

Looking to move to the cloud? Check out this infographic on streamlining cloud deployments and get started with a VMware vCloud Air Network service provider at

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