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Last month we announced vRealize Automation 7.0, an update to a VMware offering that provides automated delivery of personalized infrastructure, applications and custom IT services. Today, we’d like to discuss how vRealize Automation 7.0 will be integrated with vCloud Air so that mutual customers can experience the benefits of both services.

Our key area of focus for this integration is simplicity. Now, customers can seamlessly configure the connection to vCloud Air and create blueprints.

Endpoint Configuration
vCA endpoint vRA 7

In vRealize Automation 7.0, endpoint configuration is much easier to manage. Now, the vCloud Air endpoint exists side-by-side with the vCloud Director endpoint.

When creating a new vCloud Air endpoint, the address will automatically populate with the vCloud Air public address you’re familiar with. Next, enter your credentials and vRealize Automation will collect all the information your account has access to. Additionally, it is no longer required to configure separate endpoints for individual VDCs in vCloud Air.

Blueprint Authoring

Another updated feature of vRealize Automation 7.0 is blueprint creation. The blueprint authoring experience for vCloud Air is now in line with other endpoints such as vSphere or AWS in our unified blueprint canvas. You can configure vCloud Air machines just like any other and simply drag onto the canvas.


For more information about the features coming in vRealize Automation 7.0, read the vRealize Automation 7.0 Spotlight Innovations Overview and watch this space for more highlights from the coming release

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