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The Right Tools to Take Advantage of the Hybrid Cloud Gold Rush

By Angelos Kottas, Senior Director of Product Marketing, Cloud Services, VMware

We recently talked about the new battleground for IT, the middle ground where new cloud-native applications are blended seamlessly with existing code and deployments. But rather than a battle, VMware believes that progressive IT organizations can approach this new model of migrating and modernizing applications – bringing old and new together – as an opportunity to unlock tremendous value.

With a hybrid cloud strategy, IT can revolutionize service delivery while extracting the greatest return from their existing investments. We are in the midst of a new gold rush, and the players with the best tools stand to reap the highest rewards. VMware is delivering a broad new set of tools that stretch across the spectrum, from integrating public cloud resources with existing systems and applications, to unlocking new cloud native app architectures that complement existing mission critical applications with agility and performance.

Today, at VMworld Europe in Barcelona, VMware is excited to announce several new capabilities that expand upon our unified hybrid cloud architecture and help our customers access the gold that is IT transformation.

Today’s Announcements

The Building Blocks

As customers look to deploy and scale hybrid applications across multiple cloud environments, extend their disaster recovery to the cloud, and build new web and mobile applications that extend their enterprise applications, they need a highly available and scalable global DNS service. Today, we are extending our previously announced partnership with Google by introducing Google Cloud DNS, which will be integrated into VMware vCloud Air and offered as a complementary service to support workloads deployed across on-premises and VMware vCloud Air data centers. This service will not only make it simpler for customers to host their public-facing websites on VMware vCloud Air, but it also solves an important challenge for organizations looking to move their email servers to the cloud. We will be bringing the Google Cloud DNS service to market as part of VMware vCloud Air in the first half of 2016.

To extend the power and reach of VMware’s Unified Hybrid Cloud platform, VMware has also recently released VMware vCloud Director 8.0 for Service Providers, enabling Service Providers in the VMware vCloud Air Network to build differentiated cloud services that are hybrid-aware and ideal for enterprise-class organizations. Enhancements to this release include support for vSphere 6.0 and NSX 6.1.4, enhanced Virtual Data Center (vDC) templates and vApp enhancements, as well as support for OAuth for Identity Sources.

Hybrid Enablers

One of the critical requirements for moving production applications into the public cloud is the ability to provide deep insight into the underlying cloud platform. With VMware vCloud Air Monitoring Insight, which will be generally available for VMware vCloud Air Virtual Private Cloud this quarter, customers will get access to over 100 operational metrics, event logs, and user-defined alarms that provide analytics into cloud service operations. These metrics, which provide information on the infrastructure, application health and platform performance, are also exposed via API, allowing customers to automate cloud operations for cost savings, and integrate VMware vCloud Air metrics into their existing VMware and third party management tools.

As part of the promise of hybrid cloud, our customers have been asking us to help them extend their existing corporate identity services seamlessly into VMware vCloud Air. This quarter we are releasing Enhanced Identity Access Management capabilities that will allow customers to federate their Active Directory and other SAML 2.0-compliant identity services with VMware vCloud Air. We are also expanding the role-based management framework for the service, further improving governance and security controls.

We are also pleased to announce Project Michigan, a tech preview, which extends the capabilities of Advanced Networking Services and Hybrid Cloud Manager to all VMware vCloud Air services. With Project Michigan, customers will be able to deploy a secure enterprise gateway that is shared across multiple VMware vCloud Air offerings, including Virtual Private Cloud OnDemand and Disaster Recovery as well as Dedicated Cloud, which VMware vCloud Air already supports. Project Michigan will support low down-time VM migration and network and policy extension through Hybrid Cloud Manager; support peering and transit options with VMware vCloud Air; and federate identity and security policies across the hybrid cloud. Project Michigan delivers enterprise networking and security services with OnDemand elastic compute resources, simplifies network management, reduces admin costs, and ensures continuity and portability for cloud application deployments.

Modernizing Applications

The final announcement from today allows customers to bring the best of both worlds together by extending support for VMware vSphere Integrated Containers for vCloud Air in 2016. This builds upon the existing support for Photon OS on the vCloud Air platform and will enable IT teams to support any application, including containerized applications, on a common infrastructure running on VMware vCloud Air. This support can accelerate container initiatives by enabling IT teams to take advantage of their existing investments in VMware infrastructure, people, processes and management tools, while enabling developers to leverage a variety of container orchestration solutions from ecosystem partners.

The Power of Partnership

Cloud is the next platform shift in IT. But cloud adoption includes many hidden risks around compliance, portability, and unexpected costs. The biggest risk of public cloud adoption is that it reintroduces the siloes that IT has spent the last decade erasing via the power of virtualization and automation.

VMware believes there is a better way to deliver cloud, and it is via a unified hybrid cloud platform that can be deployed across multiple clouds, including your own data center, VMware vCloud Air, and the VMware vCloud Air Network of over 4,200 cloud service providers that share the same technology underpinnings. To learn about the power of partnership, read Ajay Patel’s thoughts on, “It Takes a Village: The Power of Partnership in the Cloud Era.”

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