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Your Cloud, Your Data: Introducing VMware vCloud Air SQL

By: Michael Cincinatus, Senior Director of Product Marketing, Cloud Services, VMware

Enterprise interest in cloud data services is growing at an exponential rate. I’ve spoken to countless IT leaders who see database-as-a-service as potential way to accelerate their application development, optimize their total database costs, and manage their database administration as their number of database instances grows. And yet, despite all of these benefits, enterprise adoption for database-as-a-service remains relatively low due to some substantial issues, including security, compliance and compatibility with on-premises systems.

Today, VMware is addressing that challenge.

Introducing vCloud Air SQL

We are pleased to announce the Early Access Program for VMware vCloud Air SQL. Our database-as-a-service (DBaaS) offering delivers rapid access to powerful, scalable, cloud-hosted databases. VMware vCloud Air SQL automates the provisioning, operation and management of relational databases in order to increase productivity and minimize administrative overhead.

With this service, VMware’s goal is to help organizations simplify the complex problem of database operations. IT executives, architects and administrators can focus on their core business without having to deploy and manage the database on-premises.

Delivered in a cost-efficient pay-as-you-go model, and built on the foundation of vSphere, VMware vCloud Air SQL enables customers to host cloud native production applications or support hybrid data solutions that seamlessly and securely extend on-premises databases to the cloud. Our DBaaS currently supports Microsoft SQL Server, with flexible memory, compute and storage options.

Customers Deploying vCloud Air SQL

With this first deployment of vCloud Air Service, there are two primary use cases that have emerged. Organizations can accelerate time-to-market using vCloud Air SQL to rapidly provision database instances in the cloud for development and testing and then run applications in production, either on VMware vCloud Air, or back on-premises in a 100% compatible environment. Additionally, organizations can extend on-premises applications with next generation mobile or web based cloud native applications running in VMware vCloud Air, using VMware vCloud Air SQL.

VMware vCloud Air is continuing its global momentum since its official launch fewer than two years ago. Our DBaaS is the next step as we help organizations modernize their IT infrastructure and fully benefit from the cloud.

Getting Started

VMware vCloud Air SQL is in an Early Access Program and currently evaluating new applicants.  All Early Access Applicants will receive a $300 credit towards vCloud Air SQL, so sign up today! To learn more about the service or to submit an application to join as one of the first customers, visit the VMware vCloud Air SQL page.

Learn more about the VMware vCloud Air News from VMworld 2015. Visit the VMware Unified Hybrid Cloud Platform Press Release.

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