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Leveraging the Public Cloud for Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity

By: Angelos Kottas, Senior Director of Product Marketing, Cloud Services, VMware

Disaster recovery and business continuity are all about the trade-off between risk and cost.

Traditional disaster recovery options have been expensive and complicated to manage. With VMware vCloud Air Disaster Recovery, customers leverage a simple, cost-effective, turn-key disaster recovery solution for virtualized applications, with replication to the cloud and access to warm stand-by resources. With the broad application and operating system compatibility of VMware vCloud Air, cost and reliability of protecting existing applications are improved without reinventing the wheel.

As we announced at VMworld 2015, VMware is delivering a broad vision and technologies that give customers a unified cloud and on-premises DR approach with Site Recovery Manager Air (SRM as a SaaS service), as well as on-demand DR pricing. VMware customers love SRM, and now we’re making that available as a cloud service, fully integrated with vCloud Air Disaster Recovery.

We are also launching vCloud Air Object Storage, a petabyte scale object storage service with a global footprint, competitive pricing and a range of options to meet different customer needs. One of the clear use cases for vCloud Air Object Storage is to enable backup to the cloud to easily and cost-effectively extend business continuity beyond the data center.

VMware vCloud Air Disaster Recovery with Site Recovery Manager Air

VMware vCloud Air Disaster Recovery with Site Recovery Manager Air will deliver the following benefits:

  • Simple cloud-based protection: The SaaS model eliminates single points of failure and enables management anytime, anywhere, from any device. It also reduces the resources required to deploy the solution, eliminating on-premises installation and potentially disruptive upgrades. Site Recovery Manager Air provides an intuitive user interface integrated with vCloud Air Disaster Recovery, enabling self-service creation, testing and execution of disaster recovery plans for large groups of virtual machines from the vCloud Air portal.
  • Fast and reliable recovery: Site Recovery Manager Air reduces recovery times and improves reliability by providing automated workflows that orchestrate the testing, failover and failback of VMs. IT can pre-define the boot sequence for recovery, which can be based on application dependencies or business priorities, and also pre-configure IP addresses for recovered VMs. Perform automated recovery plan testing as frequently as needed to ensure reliable and predictable recovery times. By creating an isolated network in the vCloud Air Disaster Recovery instance, Site Recovery Manager Air avoids any impact to production systems. Detailed reports are generated for testing and failover activities, which can satisfy regulatory requirements.
  • Industry-proven technology: Site Recovery Manager Air is based on mature, award-winning technology that has been tested and proven in thousands of on-premises deployments across all customer segments and industries.

We’re also simplifying vCloud Air Disaster Recovery pricing so organizations only pay for the storage consumed and a small flat monthly fee per protected VM. Customers can run as many DR tests or failovers as they like. vCloud Air Disaster Recovery will be metered by the minute, with no reserve pricing for compute services, and if organizations want to stay on vCloud Air after an outage, no change is needed. Simply stop paying the per-VM DR fee and organizations are now a vCloud Air Virtual Private Cloud customer.

These DR enhancements will be released later this year as part of an Early Access Program launching in Q4 2015.

VMware vCloud Air Object Storage

Earlier this year, we announced a preview of our object storage efforts with EMC and a strategic partnership with Google. VMware is excited to announce the launch of an Early Access Program for vCloud Air Object Storage powered by EMC later this month, and the General Availability of vCloud Air Object Storage powered by Google Cloud Platform as of yesterday. VMware customers will now have access to vCloud Air Object Storage under existing service contracts.

VMware vCloud Air Object Storage offers extremely scalable, cost-effective, and dependable cloud-based storage solution for unstructured data. The service is simple to use, easy to setup, provides global scale and has built-in resiliency. Easily scale up to petabytes and generate real-time intelligence from custom meta-data with vCloud Air Object Storage.

What is Object Storage?

Objects are stored in buckets in a flat namespace in Object Storage, eliminating complexity and scalability challenges of traditional hierarchical file systems. Granular object-level security, lifecycle management and versioning features simplify and reduce management overhead.

object storage

Key Benefits of Object Storage

  • Extremely scalable storage with the power of analytics – Get instant and self-service access to storage capacity on-demand that scale up to Petabytes. Build applications that are scalable and stop worrying about running out of storage space. Choose a service – powered by Google Cloud Platform or powered by EMC – and region, to optimize cost, maximize speed, or to assist with regulatory requirements.
  • Built-in redundancy with global coverage – Object Storage reduces the need for data protection with built in redundancy. Select a storage type based on the durability and budget requirements. Object Storage supports global access use cases by providing easy access from any device, anywhere, anytime.
  • Cost effective storage for traditional and emerging use cases – Implement a scalable and cost-effective storage solution to free up valuable resources from mundane tasks like backup administration. Only pay for resources in use, with no minimum commitments or up-front fees. The economics of Object Storage combined with flexible payment options delivers a true elastic pay-as-you-go cloud storage solution for traditional use cases such as backup and file share, and cloud-native use cases such as Web 2.0, Big data, Internet of Things

Sign up just for VMware vCloud Air Object Storage powered by Google Cloud Platform or use it along with other services on VMware vCloud Air. The service is available globally (US, EMEA and APJ) with Regional Bucket feature in beta. You can also view a demo here.

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