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vCloud Air Dev/Test Blog Series: Test New Applications with Bitnami

By: Mike Roy and Roshni Pary

Last week in Part 1 of vCloud Air Dev/Test Blog Series, we saw how to easily perform upgrades to Windows Server 2003 VMs in an isolated VMware vCloud® Air™ Virtual Private Cloud OnDemand environment, without posing any risk to production apps or infrastructure. This week in Part 2 of this blog series, we will see how to quickly try out new applications that can provide new business value without any constraints on your existing infrastructure.

You saw in the previous blog that vCloud Air Virtual Private Cloud OnDemand not only offers great agility and on-demand capacity but also offers unique compatibility with existing on-premises environments to improve testing accuracy. That means you can decrease time to market by quickly testing out new packaged applications without waiting for weeks to provision resources. You can also eliminate overheads by de-provisioning the virtual machine to get rid of excess capacity if you are not happy with the packaged application.

In part 2 of this blog series, we are showcasing the concept of testing a packaged application on vCloud Air with Bitnami. Bitnami is an industry standard service that IT, developers, and LoB users turn to for deploying applications in the cloud. VMware has recently partnered with Bitnami to bring the Bitnami Stack to vCloud Air and we have introduced Bitnami Launchpad for vCloud Air as a part of this. Launchpad is a tool to deploy any Bitnami stack in vCloud Air using only a couple of clicks and is available at If you are a Bitnami fan, you can just use the Bitnami APIs to deploy the latest versions of your favorite applications and development stacks on vCloud Air.

In this age of instant gratification, you want to quickly and efficiently test out new and popular packaged applications and see if it works for your organization. For example, if you are interested in evaluating Git to see if it works for your organization, the quickest and easiest way to do this is to leverage a pre-built VM appliance from a vendor like Bitnami. If you are happy with the test results, the next step is to install it in one of our corporate approved Base-OS template or to move it to on-premises with vCloud Connector. There you go – testing a new packed application just got a lot simpler!

So how do you get started? Follow these simple steps and watch the demo below to test Git using Bitnami Launchpad for vCloud Air:

  • Download the App (bitnami-Gitlab)
  • Use integration feature to deploy it in vCloud Air
  • Auto-Set up firewall and NAT rules
  • Check out Gitlab UI from on-premises

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