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Advanced Architecture Design for Cloud-Based Disaster Recovery

By: David Hill

Recently a new solution brief for VMware vCloud® Air™ Disaster Recovery was published on This solution brief talks specifically about how to build an end-to-end disaster recovery solution incorporating authentication and lookup.

Here is a quick preview of what to expect in this solution brief:

Disaster recovery (DR) is a fundamental tool for mitigating IT and business risks. However, because it is perceived as expensive and complicated, only a minority of even Tier 1 and Tier 2 applications are protected. New virtual hybrid cloud services — some purpose-built for DR — have changed the technical and business landscape. The purpose of this report is to update perceptions of DR cost and complexity, and chart a path toward wider adoption.

This solution brief is part of a project to design and build a full-scale hybrid architecture using vCloud Air. Specifically, it shows how organizations can replicate their virtual machines to a disaster-recovery virtual data center in vCloud Air to protect more of their applications from data loss and downtime, without the burdens of building and managing their own tertiary DR sites.

The brief covers both basic and advanced topics related to vCloud Air Disaster Recovery environments:

  • The advantages and basics of setting up and migrating to a vCloud Air hybrid cloud Disaster Recovery environment;
  • How and where to set up resources to run supporting infrastructure such as Active Directory and DNS;
  • Data Seeding, using a live cloned copy of a virtual machine to reduce the time needed to replicate it;
  • Configuring multiple machines for vCloud Air Disaster Recovery replication;
  • Setting up native failback via reverse replication.

If you are new to cloud-based disaster recovery, or are already using cloud-based disaster recovery options, this solution brief will give you a great deep dive into the considerations that are required to ensure you have a full end-to-end disaster recovery solution.

Download the solution brief here:

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