It’s difficult for companies to find the right cloud path as the cloud computing market continues its rapid growth. When searching for a service provider, consider your organization’s computing needs to help you find the best service provider.

Here are some reasons why you should consider employing a VMware Service Provider:

Mitigate Operational Challenges of a Multi-tenancy Cloud

VMware Service Providers can give users smoother operations and cost controls, one-to-one data center synchronization compatibility and software-defined security. With the additional power of RiverMeadow Cloud Migration SaaS, you can migrate your workloads across the cloud in a simple, customizable and automated platform – giving you power over your data center.

Full Control To Eliminate Cloud Sprawl

Cloud Sprawling will grow as various cloud services become easier to access. Though a good cloud-strategy can help eliminate cloud sprawl, having full control of your cloud adoption will put you ahead of the curve. Services offered by members of the vCloud Air Network makes regaining control of your cloud easy. Through a “single-pane-of-glass” view, administrators can get a clear view of their business and their data.

VMware Cloud Credits

Companies can pay for what they deploy, and nothing more, thanks to the VMware Cloud Credits Purchasing Program. By investing in Cloud Credits, users can purchase public and hybrid cloud services from approved VMware Service Providers – guaranteeing a successful, budget-friendly service deployment. Never worry about overspending or over budgeting again; with cost control, you call the shots!

Overcome fear and service ambiguity with the help of a VMware service provider. Our expert partners can guide you towards the best VMware solution for your organization and help you to execute that solution successfully.

Visit the vCloud Air Network Resource Center to download the full white paper and see the full list of top 10 reasons to migrate to a VMware vCloud Service Provider!

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