Terms like public cloud and multi-tenancy are the blinking warning signs on the road to cloud adoption. Who would think of putting their valuable data on a platform that doesn’t reside inside their data center?  Well, under the right circumstances, would you? At a minimum, you’d need to have an effective way of completely limiting access to your data. Then, you’d have to secure that data in a way that would make it nearly impossible to use in the unlikely case that it was compromised. In addition, you’d probably want to make sure that whatever security controls you put in place would stay with that data, regardless of where it moved or resided across your hybrid environment. You’d also probably want some consistency in the environment so you didn’t have to reconfigure those controls just because you wanted to move your data from the cloud back into your data center.

Today, VMware and HyTrust announced a new partnership agreement that will allow customers to purchase the HyTrust DataControl encryption and key management software through the VMware vCloud® Air™ cloud platform. The HyTrust solution will enable VMware customers to secure virtual workloads across their hybrid environments with policy-based key management that remains under their control. This partnership empowers businesses to achieve increased effectiveness in their ability to mitigate risks to their data sets in the public cloud. The product will be available through vCloud Air later in Q2 of 2015.

vCloud Air delivers effective hybrid cloud security by extending technology and operational models you already know and trust between your on-premises data center and your public cloud. vCloud Air secures the underlying infrastructure of the data center location with tenancy isolation, timely catalog OS patches, user access controls and documented certifications and audits.

Granular and portable protections, such as HyTrust DataControl encyryption, can migrate with each workload, data set or application as an embedded component. And, with vSphere-based network policies applied on a per VM basis, instead of just per network segment, you can enforce consistent control over the confidentiality, integrity and availability of critical assets with complete location independence. Security controls become an embedded element of workloads, data and applications that will stay with them regardless of where they reside or move.

As data security continues to be among the primary concerns of public cloud adoption, many cloud service providers still force Security Operations teams to re-think and re-architect how they do security. By introducing proprietary platforms that are mutually exclusive to existing data center constructs, these providers require SecOps teams to create new policy and control frameworks that are inconsistent with how they manage and secure their existing infrastructure. The result is more complexity to manage with less effectiveness.

Software-defined networks, as employed by vCloud Air, can replicate existing network constructs and extend network compatibility without the need for manual configuration changes. They can introduce new levels of security with greater scale and consistency. With vCloud Air, integrated networking allows consistent and trusted security and compliance measures to be effectively extended to the public cloud.  Extend your trusted security framework across the hybrid boundaries of a multi-tenant environment confidently with vCloud Air and HyTrust.

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