Earlier this week, we launched the vCloud Air accreditation program with the VMware Certified Associate for Hybrid Cloud (VCA6-HC). Aimed at both IT administrators and decision makers, this certification demonstrates your understanding of the challenges businesses face when adopting public clouds and how VMware delivers a hybrid-first cloud solution with vCloud Air to address these challenges.  

vmware certified associate 6

Public cloud computing is changing the IT landscape. Companies are looking for individuals who understand both the benefits of public clouds and the challenges organizations face when dealing with a major technology shift. They want advisors and decision makers who can set a cloud vision and implement a successful long-term strategy. Passing the VCA6-HC examination shows that you understand how a hybrid cloud approach with vCloud Air provides public-cloud agility and scale while keeping IT and its existing investments relevant.

To help you pass the exam, you can learn more about vCloud Air with the free vCloud Air Fundamentals course. In this course, you’ll learn the basics of vCloud Air, its networking capabilities, and how various VMware tools can be used to manage the service. You’ll learn how vCloud Air is differentiated from other public cloud services and you’ll understand VMware’s vision for hybrid cloud. Once you’re ready, complete the exam and share your achievement with others!

The VCA6-HC is just the first certification for vCloud Air – stay tuned as we continue to build out this accreditation plan. Get certified today and separate yourself from the crowd!

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