Bring operational efficiency to your storage consumption and delivery with VMware Virtual SAN!

VMware Virtual SAN, VMware’s radically simple storage solution designed and optimized for vSphere virtual infrastructure, streamlines storage provisioning and management and brings application-centric storage to your organization.  In fact, it has already done so for IndonesianCloud, a Hybrid Cloud Powered service provider in the VMware vCloud Air Network.

Join our early May webcasts to learn how new and existing VMware vCloud Air Network Partners can gain a competitive advantage with application-centric storage using VMware Virtual SAN for any virtualized workloads; including business-critical applications, virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI), disaster recovery, and test/dev. Attendees will enjoy exclusive incentives for tuning in.

This webinar series features Neil Cresswell, Chief Executive Officer of IndonesianCloud, and Sanjeev Desai, Global Product Marketing Manager at VMware. Sign up now to learn how to:

  • Transform your storage infrastructure for managed and public cloud services
  • Consume or deliver storage that’s application-centric and policy-driven
  • Drive down cost and complexity in your infrastructure for any virtualized workloads

We’ll broadcast this webinar on three different days in three different regions:

To sign up for your region click on any of the links above or click here!

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