Today’s businesses must be able to provide their consumers with the information they need whenever and wherever they request it. That means utilizing a powerful, flexible network capable of deploying services as they’re needed. To power that on-demand capability businesses require today, service providers are offering VMware-based public and hybrid cloud services through the VMware vCloud Air Network..

When Singapore’s National Trades Union Congress (NTUC), the country’s largest federation of trade unions, decided to move its infrastructure to the cloud, they turned to Singtel, a VMware vCloud Air Network service provider. Powered by VMware, Singtel provided the NTUC with a secure, scalable cloud that provided the organization with a scalable solution with zero downtime.

When Singtel finished its project ahead of schedule, the NTUC was able to reduce its total computing resources by 30 percent, rapidly deploy resources on demand and enable its customers to access special deals and live streams with ease.

Watch this video to see for yourself how VMware vCloud Air Network service providers help organizations to achieve their goals:

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