For many organizations, networking is the key barrier that keeps them from fully realizing the benefits of the hybrid cloud. Until now, no public cloud has offered networking capabilities that allowed organizations to seamlessly combine the agility and flexibility of the cloud with the security and manageability that they have come to expect on-premises.

VMware is taking a trailblazing step toward solving this key pain point through the upcoming release of VMware vCloud® Air™ Advanced Networking Services. By leveraging VMware NSX™ as its underlying networking platform, vCloud Air will provide enhanced security controls, routing, and network scaling capabilities in the cloud.

With these new services, customers can experience in their vCloud Air environments:

  • Granular network security – network security policies can be attached to not only individual VMs but also to applications and objects, forming “security containers” that isolate resources on the same network. This enables an unprecedented zero trust security model and effectively quarantines any security breach. Additionally, security containers are attached to the application rather than to the network segment, accompanying it wherever it goes within vCloud Air.
  • Dynamic routing – BGP and OSPF-based routing simplify network integration both between on-premises and cloud-based environments and between clouds. You no longer need to manually reconfigure routing and reachability policies whenever an app is moved, allowing redundancy and continuity in cloud-hosted application deployment.
  • Expanded network scaling – with support for up to 200 virtual network interfaces per VDC, you can now replicate complex on-premises network topologies in a single cloud environment, enabling seamless DR and app deployment without worrying about the underlying networking architecture.

Additionally, vCloud Air is enhancing VPN and load balancing services with support for point-to-site SSL VPN connectivity, allowing individual computers to connect securely into a vCloud Air environment without routing through a VPN gateway, and HTTPS load balancing to allow production workloads to be brought to the cloud by load balancing encrypted traffic across compute services.

If you are interested in testing the power of NSX before committing to a full on-premises deployment, vCloud Air Advanced Networking Services can serve as a quick POC, especially when coupled with the flexibility of VMware vCloud® AirTM Virtual Private Cloud OnDemand. With NSX deployed on-premises as well, you will be able to leverage the same network security policies to protect applications on-premises and in the cloud, extending your zero trust security model and enabling true portable security no matter where an app resides.

In addition to these services, we announced last week the upcoming release of complementary VMware vCloud Air Hybrid Networking Services powered by NSX to bridge customers’ vCloud Air and on-premises vSphere environments, enabling a single, secure network domain through a gateway appliance.

These services enable you to extend your on-premises data center to the cloud by stretching hundreds of Layer 2 network segments from your on-premises data center to a vCloud Air environment over a single WAN connection, seamlessly moving workloads to vCloud Air over a private secure connection while keeping the same IP and MAC addresses. On and off-premises resources can be treated as a single resource pool – the dream of the hybrid cloud!

Stay tuned for additional details and demos about these disruptive new services coming in Q2.

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