In our last segment in this series, we discussed how you can use VMware vCloud® Air™ for various dev/test scenarios. Now, we’ll explain how you can extend existing packaged applications to vCloud Air, to deliver applications more efficiently and cost-effectively.

Packaged applications are critical to supporting business processes and operations, but they are often not proprietary to the business, such as SharePoint and Exchange. By moving standard packaged applications to a cloud environment, you can free up valuable onsite resources, improve productivity, and lower total cost of ownership.

However, not all public clouds are created equal. Many don’t allow you to freely move applications across onsite and offsite infrastructures without requiring time-consuming rewrites and reconfigurations. This can create additional infrastructure silos with multiple platforms – your own including other cloud provider platforms.

For a seamless experience in running your existing packaged applications in the cloud, here’s why you should consider vCloud Air.

“No Change” Application Support

vCloud Air is the only hybrid cloud solution that provides application interoperability with no changes to your current applications, making the process of extending existing applications to the cloud easy. vCloud Air supports more than 5,000 applications and over 90 Operating Systems certified to run on vSphere – the largest supported base available in any cloud service.

Seamless Application Interoperability 

vCloud Air delivers high availability and  consistent performance of your packaged applications, whether they run onsite, offsite or across a combination of both. vCloud Air provides the seamless interoperability you need to ensure application services run reliably across your onsite and offsite infrastructure, using the exact same tools and processes you already know. 

Maintain Full Control

vCloud Air extends the trusted security and performance of your current onsite VMware environment to your cloud-based application services. Easily add capacity, allocate resources, and manage timing of upgrades and patches without having to worry about application support, interoperability and IT training. vCloud Air provides the perfect destination to deploy your existing applications in the cloud while leveraging your existing IT investments, putting you in total control.

If you’re interested in learning more about how your organization can take advantage of hosting packaged applications in vCloud Air, watch our quick overview video below:

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