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Finally, a Self-Service Public Cloud You Can Manage!

Your business wants instant access to a scalable self-service pay-as-you-go cloud, while you want a cloud that you can manage and secure just like the rest of your infrastructure. Well, how hard can that be? All you need is a hybrid platform across your onsite data center to your offsite cloud infrastructure with self-service access, pay-as-you-go charges, complete network integration, bi-directional application portability and the ability to manage everything using exactly the same tools and processes you already use. Don’t all cloud solutions provide that? Unfortunately, they don’t. But now you don’t have to choose between self-service cloud scalability and consistent manageability across hybrid environments.

Introducing VMware vCloud® Air Virtual Private Cloud OnDemand, a NEW cloud offering provided by VMware. With this service, you receive instant access to self-service, usage-based cloud compute services on which you can build and run any application you need. In addition, you can manage these services and application workloads using exactly the same tools and processes you already use for your onsite VMware infrastructure. Now it’s a simple choice to run any application anywhere you need, on an on-demand platform that is as secure, compliant, resilient and manageable as the rest of your IT infrastructure.

Here’s a quick tour of Virtual Private Cloud OnDemand:

Self-service begins with nothing more than a credit card and a browser providing you options to acquire the right resources, as needed, for testing and deploying against any highly elastic or temporary capacity demands.

You can quickly replicate test environments and stand up new VMs that immediately meet your production standards. In fact, you can register and create your first virtual machine in as fast as 15 minutes!

And, vCloud Air is the only cloud that let’s you easily add or expand CPU, memory or storage in any ratio, at any time, as applications demand – even while your VMs are still powered-on. That’s real cloud behavior, unlike other services where you need to choose your VM sizes upfront from a limited number of pre-defined options and then migrate or convert your VMs to make any changes.

The service only charges for what you use and when you use it, turning traditional capital costs into more flexible variable operating expenses.

Resources can be divided into more easily managed virtual data centers that can be allocated by department, region, dev group, business unit or whatever makes the most organizational sense.

Because the service is pay as you go, there are no minimum configuration requirements or initial costs incurred.

Seamless network integration means no requirements to migrate, change or reconfigure workloads that may need to operate across hybrid onsite and offsite infrastructure.

Instantly relocate workloads back and forth between your onsite data center and offsite public cloud infrastructures with no application changes, no required reconfiguration or recoding of apps, and no redesigning architectures – just to enable an application to run in a cloud environment.

Virtual Private Cloud OnDemand includes an easy-to-use web portal and built-in integration to vCloud Director for power users needing advanced industry-leading features such as setting quota limits for virtual machines, password policies for users, activity logging, lists of currently running tasks or a graphical view of your applications and network.

Virtual Private Cloud OnDemand

Virtual Private Cloud OnDemand is a true extension of your existing data center with no changes and no compromises.

It gets even better! Every new customer will receive a free $300/90 day service credit so you can start using your cloud immediately with no risk and no cost. Give you business instant access to a scalable pay-as-you-go public cloud that you can manage and secure with Virtual Private Cloud OnDemand.

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