Superheroes come in all shapes and sizes and reveal themselves in the most trying of times. For businesses, those trying times often involve blackouts, power surges, natural disasters and other conditions that can cause severe data loss. But the power of one person can help save any organization from the ultimate disaster.

That person: the I.T. Manager. 

IT Hero

Without breaking a sweat, the I.T. Manager, with the help of VMware vCloud® Air™ Disaster Recovery, can save any company from the loss of data. That’s because vCloud Air Disaster Recovery is built on vSphere, the same platform already used by many data centers across the globe.

Any I.T. Manager can be a hero, and this comic book shares the story of one such person who saved the day (and her company’s data) using vCloud Air Disaster Recovery. Find out how you can be the hero to help your organization weather any storm to protect itself.

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