Cloud Services

VMware Acquires Continuent

By Ajay Patel, Vice President, Application as a Service, VMware

I am excited to announce that VMware today acquired the assets of Continuent, a leading provider of database clustering and replication, enabling enterprises to run business-critical applications on cost-effective open source software. The Continuent team joins VMware’s Hybrid Cloud Business Unit.

Continuent’s products bring the power of advanced clustering and replication, including high availability, disaster recovery, multi-master operation and real-time data warehouse loading, to MySQL. In particular, Continuent Tungsten enables customers to apply the full power of both MySQL and a full range of data management systems including Hadoop, Oracle and Amazon Redshift, to deliver complete transaction processing and analytics.

Continuent’s customers represent the some of the most innovative and successful organizations in the world, handling billions of transactions daily across a wide range of industries. The acquisition is good news for Continuent customers, as we plan to continue offering Continuent Tungsten as an infrastructure agnostic hybrid solution, with the same high quality support that customers currently receive for other VMware products.

Moving forward, we plan to enhance Continuent’s technology, integrating it within VMware vCloud Air our hybrid cloud service. We will also investigate expanding the integration to VMware’s core Software-Defined Data Center products. These new VMware services and product capabilities will enhance our customers’ ability to provide high availability, scale, and reliability for their relational databases and dependent applications.

So with that, we welcome the Continuent team to the VMware family and look forward to continuing to deliver the industry’s fastest path to hybrid cloud.