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Five Ways Your Business Can Use Hybrid Cloud

IT has long debated the merits of public and private cloud. Public cloud allows organizations to gain capacity and scale services on-demand, while private cloud allows companies to maintain control and visibility of business critical applications. But there is one cloud model that stands apart: hybrid cloud.

Hybrid cloud provides the best of both worlds: secure, on-demand access to IT resources with the flexibility to move workloads onsite or offsite to meet specific needs. It’s the security you need in your private cloud with the scalability required of your public cloud. VMware vCloud® Air™ is a dedicated hybrid cloud solution that is versatile, easy to use, and interoperable with your onsite vSphere environment.

There are five key use cases you can evaluate for using hybrid cloud. In our upcoming blog series, we’ll dive deep into each of the following use cases to uncover how you can get started with the hybrid cloud.

Development and Testing

Hybrid cloud  provides businesses with the flexibility to gain needed capacity for limited time periods without making capital investments for additional infrastructure.

Extend Existing Applications

With hybrid cloud, businesses can extend current standard packaged applications to the cloud, thereby freeing up onsite   resources for more business critical projects

Disaster Recovery

Every organization fears an outage, or outright loss, of business critical information. While onsite disaster recovery solutions can be expensive, preventing businesses from adopting the protection plans they need, hybrid cloud can offer an affordable disaster recovery solution with flexible commitments, capacity, and cost.

Modernize Enterprise Applications

Hybrid cloud offers organizations an easy, scalable and secure platform for enterprise applications built for traditional architectures. Companies can move applications or application tiers offsite, choose to keep sensitive data onsite, and apply existing IT policies to meet the application’s security and compliance requirements.

Create Next-Generation Applications

Hybrid cloud is ideal for cloud-native and mobile applications that are data-intensive and tend to need the elasticity to scale with sudden or unpredictable traffic spikes.

Want to learn more? Watch the below video to learn about the benefits of using hybrid cloud for these top five use cases:

Over the next few months, we’ll discuss these use cases and their impact on the future of IT in further detail. We will also evaluate how vCloud Air can help organizations seamlessly extend their existing data centers to the cloud, while using the same tools and processes they are already familiar with. Follow the vCloud blog to find out more on how you can leverage vCloud Air.

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