The VMworld 2014 US mobile App is feature-rich and can be utilized to do anything from schedule a session to take a #vmworldselfie. This year, the VMworld team has included a VMworld Game which enables users to win points for participating in events, attending sessions, scanning QR codes, and completing surveys.

We strongly encourage all VMworld attendees to complete the surveys following each session! Session presenters take your feedback very seriously, and for those who hold repeat sessions during VMworld, will often integrate your feedback into the second showing. Help us improve the VMworld session content for fellow attendees by providing your feedback, and win some points in the VMworld app in the process. Here’s how you to fill out a survey:

1. Open the VMworld 2014 US Mobile App on your device.
2. Tap on the menu icon in the top left corner of the app’s home screen.


3. This will take you to a menu, in which you will tap Surveys.

survey 3

4. Tapping Surveys will lead you to a list of surveys that you are eligible to complete after each session you attended, that was registered in your conference schedule.


5. Select the survey you would like to complete.
6. Complete the survey and submit to earn points.


For more information on how Surveys and Gamification play a part in the VMworld experience, visit the VMworld Game rules in the app in My Section under VMworld Game. On the VMware Game screen, tap the question mark on the top bar, for rules.

To learn how to use other features in the app, download the user guide.

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