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VMworld 2014 US: IT’s Most Wanted List: Get Me a Mobile Backbone

By: Ajay Patel

Mobility at Enterprise Scale: The Next Challenge for Developers and IT

As humans, without our backbone we’d flop around like a wet noodle, our organs wouldn’t function well, and messages back and forth from the brain would be unprotected. Backbones give us the flexibility and the structure to move – especially to move fast, in many directions, and in big ways.

Demands for mobile apps are exploding from all quarters – wherever there’s a focus on better customer connection and team effectiveness. IT is challenged to deliver the right balance of flexibility — to empower developers to create great mobile apps — and structure — to ensure that the organization can move to keep up with the pace of mobile, securely and at anticipated scale.

The answer, as in our bodies, is a backbone. A mobile backbone enables developers and IT to easily connect mobile applications to enterprise systems and third party services, and provides choice from among the top mobile development tools to deliver compelling user experiences. With a mobile backbone, IT can support the explosive growth and compressed development cycles of mobile applications, while handling all of the security, connectivity, and governance requirements.

Mobility is Classic Hybrid Cloud: Core Enterprise Systems Connected to the Public Cloud

So what kind of mobile backbone do IT and its LOB stakeholders need? Consider the inherent hybrid cloud requirements of mobile apps: by definition they reside on mobile devices in the public cloud, are increasingly connected to internal enterprise systems to enable effective B2B, B2E and B2C applications, and rely on cloud services for capabilities like notifications. In looking for a mobile backbone, the hybrid cloud’s ability to securely integrate with private and public cloud resources is a natural fit.

Today at VMworld 2014 in San Francisco, we announced that VMware vCloud Air (previously, VMware vCloud Hybrid Service) is working with leading mobility experts who provide Mobile Backend as a Service (mBaaS), world-class front-end mobile application development tools, mobile testing and analytics tools and mobile application development and integration services. These fit alongside mobile device and application management from AirWatch by VMware, to ensure IT and developers have everything they need to effectively build, securely connect, and comprehensively manage mobile services and apps through a hybrid cloud-based enterprise mobility ‘backbone’. This broad adoption of vCloud Air by leading mobility experts reflects the strength of vSphere as a virtualization platform and widespread customer interest in mobility as a hybrid cloud use case from vCloud Air.

Mobility Platform Partnerships Enable Customer Choice of Best of Breed Approaches

Adoption of vCloud Air by leading mobility experts ensures customers can use a hybrid approach from specialists who provide a range of capabilities:

  • Enterprise BaaS leader Kinvey provides enterprise IT with a secure, scalable, and fully managed platform for mobile innovation on vCloud Air. The platform empowers businesses to gain competitive advantage by quickly building powerful B2B, B2C, and B2E apps for any use case, on any OS, and on any device.  Kinvey delivers both multi-tenant and dedicated services on vCloud Air. Check out the demo at VMworld’s vCloud Air Apps & Services booth.
  • Enterprise Platform as a Service leader Pivotal is extending Pivotal CF on vCloud Air with mobile backend capabilities such as Push Notifications, API Gateway and Data Sync. Enterprises now have the services to build mobile apps that match the best consumer experiences. PaaS is critical for mobile, and Pivotal CF is the ideal solution to give enterprises the speed for continuous delivery and scale while Pivotal CF Mobile Services gives companies a solution where data remains under their control – and not in the hands of third parties – for improved compliance with IT policies and service level agreements, and easier backend system integration.
  • Rapid application delivery leader OutSystems enables mobile and web application creation, deployment and management. Integrated visual development capabilities enable developers to rapidly create multi-device user interfaces, and to model data, APIs, web services, workflows and logic all without writing code – while automated deployment and management functions handle getting it from development to production and back again.
  • Mobile Application Performance management leader Crittercism works with mobile apps built on vCloud Air, and the analytics platform will support vCloud Air and vSphere soon. The Crittercism solution improves mobile app experiences by diagnosing and solving mobile application performance issues quickly and efficiently.
  • Node.js community leader StrongLoop enables developers to leverage the Node.js ecosystem to deploy scalable mobile backends with services like push, geopoint and offline sync on vCloud Air and vSphere.
  • Mobile application development leader Appcelerator’s enterprise customers and vast developer ecosystem can now run the Appcelerator Platform on vSphere and vCloud Air. The Appcelerator Platform delivers native cross-platform app development & testing, simplified access to data via an enterprise MBaaS that delivers mobile-optimized APIs, and comprehensive real-time mobile analytics to power user engagement and measure success.
  • Mobile web app development tool leader Sencha is working with vCloud Air to enable enterprise applications across lines of business. Make sure to check out the demo at VMworld vCloud Air Apps & Services booth, which uses Sencha Touch Bundle.
  • Web and mobile systems integrator and digital agency Slalom is working with vCloud Air to enable hybrid solutions.
  • Web and mobile app developer raw engineering is developing enterprise mobility solutions, such as its award-winning mobile application development platform, on vCloud Air, which was used to create the official VMworld mobile application.
  • AirWatch by VMware, our own industry-leading enterprise mobility management solution, will be available this year on vCloud Air and we’re working with vCloud Air mobility partners on better-together solutions. AirWatch by VMware offers an industry leading platform for mobile device, application, email, browser and content management which provides a simplified, efficient way to manage an organization’s mobile footprint across employee-owned, corporate-owned and shared devices from a centralized console.

Broad customer interest in vCloud Air by mobile industry leaders is a testimony to mobility as a key hybrid use case and VMware’s strength as a partner. We’re excited to work with these mobility experts to help customers meet the challenge of releasing the power of mobility at scale. To learn more, visit the “Get a mobile backbone!” session Tuesday at 5:00 at VMworld at the Marriott, Yerba Buena Level, Salon 11.

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