We wanted to know what you were craving to see at VMworld 2014. So, on August 12th, we hosted our pre-VMworld #cloudtalk to discuss what sessions you’re planning on attending and what you think will happen at this year’s conference. With vExperts Dave Hill (@davehill99) and Barry Coombs (@VirtualisedReal) hosting, we knew it was going to be a great discussion.

Our #cloudtalk kicked off with a simple question: “What are you looking forward to at VMworld 2014?

VMworld alum @KongYang said he’s looking forward to the knowledgeable people  because, “The people make the event special.” @_stump agreed, saying he only knows people by their Twitter handles. For those who will be attending this year’s VMworld, our 4th annual #cloudtalk Tweetup at 111 Minna on August 27 from 5 – 8 pm is the perfect opportunity to meet people in person!

Kong Yang

We then asked participants, “What are your ‘can’t-miss’ sessions at this year’s VMworld?”

@j_hosee said he’s looking forward to any expert-led session, all of which fill up fast. @vlcoudmatt said he can’t wait for the “SDDC: Buzzword to Reality,” but that might just be because he’s so eager to host the panel! Our own hosts, @davehill99 and @VirtualisedReal suggested “Hybrid Sandboxing” with @jjhollywood and @rpary and “View Troubleshooting — Looking Under The Hood,” respectively.


But of course, it wouldn’t be VMworld without VMworld community events. So we asked which community event our #cloudtalk followers are most looking forward to.

@VirtualisedReal, said he’d recommend the blogger community lounge to meet with some great people while @KongYang said he’s anticipating the vBacon, vFlipCup and other VMware community events. 

Since we had some VMware veterans onboard, we decided it’d be a great time to ask what advice VMworld veterans would give to VMworld newbies.

@ccolotti had three pieces of advice for newcomers: get a lay of the VMworld land over the weekend, wear comfortable shoes and stay hydrated! @davehill99 suggested that attendees get to sessions early because they fill up fast, “even if you have registered.” If you’re a talker, @mpoore suggested grabbing a few throat sweets to help you keep on talking. @VirtualisedReal helpfully reminds us to remember our business cards for business opportunities and for the numerous competitions going on throughout the show floor.

Dave Hill

Then, we asked what our #cloudtalk participants were predicting for VMworld 2014.

@VirtualisedReal predicted that everything will come together with “lots of integration, collaboration and hybrid everything!” We think so too.

Host @VirtualisedReal had his own question for #cloudtalk followers: “what do you want to get out of VMworld 2014?

The question drew a lot of feedback, ranging from “what options do I have for protecting my vSphere environment in a DR scenario,” to, “ How can I get the most out of my existing virtual environment?” @VirtualisedReal summarized all of the chat responses in a handy doodle. Check it out:


Finally, we rounded off the chat by asking participants, “What is your most memorable VMworld moment? 

@ccolotti said his was giving out “Chris Consulting” in a group discussion, but for @davehill99, it was doing a Forest Gump impression during a question and answer session.

Thank you to everyone who listened or participated in our #cloudtalk! We hope it got you as excited for VMworld as we are, and we look forward seeing you at VMworld 2014!

Till then, feel free to tweet us at our @vCloud handle with any questions or feedback for our next #cloudtalk.