In June on the vCloud Blog, we talked about how to configure F5 Network’s BIG-IP® Global Traffic Manager for vCloud Hybrid Service, to address the challenge of maintaining a seamless user experience across a hybrid environment. Then in late July, F5 officially announced the availability of BIG-IP application services for  VMware vCloud Hybrid Service, allowing enterprise customers to easily extend the same impactful application delivery services they already use in their data center, into the cloud.

Today, you have a chance to see vCloud Hybrid Service, a secure, hybrid cloud service based on VMware vSphere®, powering a lab at the F5 Networks’ Agility 2014 Conference in New York City.  Customers who attend the Agility conference will be able to see for themselves how easily they can deploy F5’s virtual editions in vCloud Hybrid Service, and then configure them to load balance an application workload in VMware’s hybrid cloud.

Calvin Rowland, Vice President of Business Development, F5 commented, “It’s the perfect opportunity to demonstrate to our customers how F5 application services integrate into VMware’s hybrid cloud environment and is indicative of the terrific collaboration we have with VMware.”

By running BIG-IP® Global Traffic Manager in vCloud Hybrid Service, customers can seamlessly manage application availability, performance and failover, regardless of whether workloads are running in the data center or in the VMware cloud.

“Customers who attend this lab will see how easy it is to deploy F5 products within vCloud Hybrid Service and to extend business continuity protection from F5 to application workloads in the hybrid cloud,” said Ajay Patel, vice president of Application Services, vCloud Hybrid Service.

Customers can visit the vCloud Hybrid Service Marketplace to learn more about F5 BIG-IP Global Traffic Manager for vCloud Hybrid Service.

For customers interested in evaluating BIG-IP solutions, contact a local F5 sales office. More information around the F5/VMware Technology Alliance can be found here.

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