The VMware vCloud Hybrid Service team is continuously expanding on our vision of hybrid management. Last week, we announced general availability of vCenter Operations Management pack for vCloud Hybrid Service. Today, we are happy to announce general availability of vCloud Hybrid Service vSphere Client plug-in 1.5.

The plug-in extends familiar vSphere Web Client UI to vCloud Hybrid Service, allowing you to:

  • View and administer vCloud Hybrid Service cloud services such as Dedicated Cloud, Virtual Private Cloud and Disaster Recovery
  • Manage an inventory of virtual data centers (VDC), gateways and networks
  • Create virtual machines (VMs) from catalog templates and modify existing VMs
  • Receive automatic updates on any changes made in your account via the vCloud Hybrid Service web portal

… all from the vSphere Web Client.

In the 1.5 version of the plugin, we have added support for Storage tiers and Disaster Recovery.  Now you can manage storage allocation per tier for VDCs and VMs, or migrate VMs from one storage tier to the other simply by adjusting the tier of disk allocated.



The new version of the plug-in also allows you to view vCloud Hybrid Service Disaster Recovery (DR) resources (VDC, VMs) and their attributes (VM state, replication status and storage used in the DR VDC). You can also perform DR-specific actions such as Test and Clean Up from the plug-in.



The plug-in comes with an installer that is available natively from the vSphere Web Client. This makes the install and upgrade process sweet and simple.


Watch this video for an overview of the new features in vCloud Hybrid Service vSphere Client plug-in.

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