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Meet Your VMworld Speaker Jay Marshall

I’m doing something new this year before VMworld 2014.  I decided that there is so much good content coming from my co-workers, that it might be helpful to get introduced to them as speakers before the event.  My goal is that people who enjoy my presentations will start following and listening to the presentations by some other very good people.  The problem is, you may just knot know who the people are when you see the presenter names in the catalog.  Here is the first of a few online interviews I am doing to help you get introduced to some new speakers!

Meet Jay Marshall, Senior Technical Marketing Architect for the vCloud Hybrid Service business unit, and good friend of mine.  He’s also a fellow “East Coaster” and I think you find his sense of humor and technical knowledge above and beyond many other people.  He’s been with the business unit about a year, same as me, and focuses mostly on what we call the “Developer Persona.” It’s interesting as I focus on the “IT Persona” so we don’t always see eye to eye.

We conducted this interview via Skype so you can get to know Jay a little better and more “In-Person”.  The sessions he will be presenting are:

HBC2609 – Smells Like Team Spirit: Achieve Hybrid Operations Nirvana with vCloud Hybrid Service:  VMware Staff Automation Specialist Gary Coburn and Senior Technical Solutions Architect Jay Marshall bring their renowned “ Gary and Jay Road Show” to the big stage at… View More

HBC1917 – Build Your First Mobile Application… In The Cloud… In 60 Minutes:  Two of the hottest topics in technology today are “mobile” and “cloud”. They are at the top of most CIO’s list of objectives; yet they are also the ones with the most mystery… View More

HBC2577 – Hybrid Sandboxing – Create the Ultimate On and Off Premises Test/Dev Factory:  The ability to do test/dev and sandboxing projects on throwaway cloud resources is well known. But the ability to add cloud to your existing software development lifecycle… View More

HBC2371 – Stick a Knife in IT! Chef + vCloud Hybrid Service = A Well Done Cloud:  True Hybrid DevOps is a “unicorn” of most Enterprise IT shops. While DevOps culture and techniques are becoming more prevalent in the Enterprise, few are actually… View More

Chris is a Principal Technical Marketing Architect with the vCloud Hybrid Services team with over 10 years of experience working with IT hardware and software solutions. He holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Information Systems from the Daniel Webster College. Prior to VMware he served a Fortune 1000 company in southern NH as a Systems Architect/Administrator, architecting VMware solutions to support new application deployments. At VMware, in the roles of Consulting Architect, Chris has guided partners as well as customers in establishing a VMware practice and consulted on multiple customer projects ranging from datacenter migrations to long-term residency architecture support. Currently, Chris is working on the newest VMware vCloud Hybrid Service solutions and architectures for vSphere customers wishing to migrate to the VMware Hybrid Cloud Service. Chris is also a VMware Certified Design Expert, (VCDX #37).


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