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Introducing vCenter Operations Management Pack for vCloud Hybrid Service

VMware is excited to announce general availability of vCenter Operations Management Pack for vCloud Hybrid Service. Now you can get operational visibility of both on-premises and vCloud Hybrid Service resources from a single vCenter Operations Manager console.

VMware vCenter Operations Management Suite solves the cloud operations challenge with an innovative approach that is:

  • Automated – Patented, self-learning analytics enable a much higher degree of automation than traditional management tools, delivering nearly 70% productivity gains and 30% reduction in resource consumption.
  • Integrated – An integrated approach to performance, capacity, configuration management, delivered as an integrated suite.
  • Comprehensive – Built on an open and extensible operations platform designed for dynamic hybrid cloud environments, vCenter Operations delivers comprehensive performance, capacity, change, configuration and compliance management, application discovery and monitoring, and cost metering capabilities.

The vCenter Operations Management Pack for vCloud Hybrid Service extends these Operations Management capabilities of vCenter Operations Manager to vCloud Hybrid Service, providing a consistent user experience across clouds. This pack includes an embedded adapter that collects metrics, change events, and resource topology information from your vCloud Hybrid Service account and displays this information in your on-premises vCenter Operations Manager dashboard. Now you can monitor, isolate, and resolve performance bottlenecks across your hybrid cloud environment faster by leveraging the existing vCenter Operations capabilities that you already use.

The management pack includes in-depth VM level performance metrics, utilization metrics for vCloud Hybrid Service resources and out of the box dashboards for troubleshooting. You can get 40 metrics on VM performance (related to CPU, memory, disk, and network usage support) at 5-minute intervals to give you an internal view of resource statistics.

Example 1: Top 25 VMs by CPU, Memory, Network performance, etc.



Example 2: VM heat map view based on CPU, memory, storage and network:



The management pack provides utilization metrics for vCloud Hybrid Service resources, such as Region, Virtual Data Center, vApp, VM, and Cloud Type:

vcops3The management pack also provides several out of the box dashboards (symptoms, abnormal metrics, mash-up charts) for troubleshooting:



vCenter Operations Management Pack for vCloud Hybrid Service is available at no extra cost, works with vCenter Operations Manager 5.8 and 5.8.1, and can be installed on Advanced and Enterprise Editions of vCenter Operations Manager. Download the Management Pack here.

In addition to the Management Pack, vCloud Hybrid Service vSphere Client Plug-in 1.5 will be generally available in a few days. In this version of the plug-in, we have extended the integration of vCloud Hybrid Service into the vSphere web client with added support for vCloud Hybrid Service Disaster Recovery and Storage Tiering.

VMware is continuing to enable additional hybrid management capabilities so that you can write, deploy, and manage workloads on vCloud Hybrid Service the same way you do today in your onsite data center, without making any changes or additional investments.

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  1. Hey guys… Is there any chance that this pack can be used with vCloud powered providers?

    If not… Are there any plans?

    Would be well relieved and sign of good faith that VMware still values the vCloud powered program?

    1. vCenter Operations Management Pack for vCloud Hybrid Service is not currently available to vCloud Powered partners through VSPP. However, vCenter Operations Management Suite Enterprise Edition, including vCenter Configuration Manager, vFabric Hyperic, Infrastructure Navigator and vCenter Chargeback Manager, is included in the vCloud Service Provider Bundle – Premier Plus Edition. Additionally, vCenter Operations Management Suite Enterprise, Advanced and Standard Editions are available as standalone products in VSPP. Please see the VSPP Product Usage Guide for more information.

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