The VMware Service Provider Program (VSPP) was created to help enable our partners to successfully deliver cloud computing solutions based on VMware technology to customers across the world. VMware offers the greatest choice of cloud deployment platforms in the industry today through the combination of our VMware vCloud Service Provider Partners and vCloud Hybrid Service. Because of the rapid growth and success of vCloud Service Providers and consequently the VSPP program in the past year, we’re happy to announce exciting new updates to the program, including new, broader benefits, to help enable Service Provider Partners to deliver VMware’s hybrid cloud vision.

What’s changing?

A few things. First, we’re expanding program benefits based on the level of investment each partner makes. To do this, we’re introducing new requirements and benefits at each of the Service Provider program tiers:

  • Enrolled. The new “Enrolled” tier will replace the existing “Registered” tier effective May 12th, 2014. The Enrolled tier will allow partners to learn more about the different partner programs VMware offers, take time to decide what program is right for their business model, and start acquiring the needed sales and technical solution skills to accelerate their time to the first transaction.
  • Professional. There will be no changes to the existing Professional tier. However, partners participating in the current ‘Registered’ tier will be progressed to the Professional tier if they have existing rental contracts with an Aggregator, and will have 1 year to meet the requirements of the Professional tier.
  • Enterprise. In order to be eligible for the Enterprise tier, Service Providers must now achieve the Cloud Provider Competency (including sales and technical training, post-sales training and operations training), obtain the vCloud Powered Badge, and commit to a larger rental contract. Expanded benefits to this tier include assess to pooled development funds (VMware requirements must be met to obtain), the option to be a Cloud Credits redemption partner and a listing on
  • Premier. In order to be eligible for the Premier tier, partners will  need to attain the Cloud Provider Competency, acquire the vCloud Powered Badge, and commit to a larger rental contract. The Premier tier benefits now include preferred access to development funds (VMware requirements must be met to obtain), an invitation to the Service Provider Technical Development Board, and assigned account and marketing managers. Premier level partners will also have the opportunity to participate in co-branded marketing, social media, and lead generation (VMware requirements must be met to obtain).

What do these changes mean for Service Providers?

Partners will be “grandfathered” into their current tier even if they don’t meet the new requirements, with a one-year grace period to meet the new requirements by May 1, 2015.

What’s next?

Log on to Partner Central to download the VMware Service Provider Program Guide  outlining these changes. All you need to do is look at your company’s current program tier, VSPP rental contract points and the number of VCPs to determine if you need to make changes to maintain your current tier, or to advance into higher tiers.

Your feedback on these changes is valued! If you have any additional comments or concerns, leave us a comment or tweet at us at @VMwareSP.

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For more information on VSPP, or how to become a part of VMware’s service provider community, please visit the VMware Service Provider page.