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Radically simplify your IT infrastructure, from your data center to virtual workspace, by joining our free Online VMware Forum 2014. This online broadcast gives you the chance to learn from VMware and industry experts on everything from new products and services to solutions to complex IT problems.

The Online Forum also provides you with the opportunity to test new VMware products and services without leaving your office. Get access to both lab manuals and lab environments for VMware products through our VMware Hands-On Labs Online, and test-drive new VMware products and services at your convenience. To download resources, head to the New Product Center.

The agenda for the Online VMware Forum includes:

  • Test drive VMware products with Hands-on Labs Online
  • Chat and make connections with VMware experts and your IT peers
  • Attend live breakout sessions and technical deep dives with live Q&A
  • Navigate in a 3D virtual environment with interactive booths staffed by VMware industry-leading partners

During the Online VMware Forum, attendees will also get the opportunity to learn more about the recently announced vCloud Hybrid Service – Disaster Recovery solution. Don’t miss these sessions – visit the Auditorium to watch them:


  • Introducing Cloud-Based Disaster Recovery From VMware (webcast with Nicole Kim) – 12:00pm PT

vCloud Hybrid Service – Disaster Recovery Chat Sessions

  • Hybrid Cloud Use Cases – Test/Dev: Take a low-risk first step to hybrid cloud with Jay Marshall
  • The New vCloud Hybrid Service – Disaster Recovery: Simple and Affordable Protection for your Applications and Data with Jay Marshall

Register here to take advantage of these instructional sessions!

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