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Failing Over a Public Web Server To vCloud Hybrid Service Disaster Recovery

By Chris Colotti

As we all know a few weeks ago we released VMware vCloud Hybrid Service Disaster Recovery.  Since then a few different questions have come up, including how to run supporting infrastructure.  We’ve also posted a number of Tutorial Videos on the service to help get people started.  One thing that came up the other day was someone asking about failing over a public website on premises to vCloud Hybrid Service Disaster Recovery.  I explained it verbally, but I figured it was easier to do a quick video of the process.

Essentially the order of operations is pretty simple:

  1. Setup Replication
  2. Initiate a fail over
  3. Configure the new Guest NAT IP Address using Static IP Pools
  4. Create an SNAT rule for the network to reach the internet
  5. Create a DNAT rule for one of the vCloud Hybrid Service Public IP addresses to the Web Server’s NAT address
  6. Write a firewall rule for Web Traffic to pass
  7. Update your External DNS
    1. Ensure your TTL is always set low on a public A-Record you might be looking to failover.

The last step seems to be where some people I talk to get stuck.  This step assumes you are using some public DNS service provider to manage your external name space.  If of course your External DNS is actually one of the servers you are failing over, that would require also updating your Public NS records and using other new vCHS public IP addresses to make those available.  Personally I think many people these days are offloading public DNS to providers to simplify this process seeing as most of those are already highly available.

Hopefully this shows another easy way you can use vCloud Hybrid Service Disaster Recovery with your applications.

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Chris is a Principal Technical Marketing Architect with the vCloud Hybrid Services team with over 10 years of experience working with IT hardware and software solutions. He holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Information Systems from the Daniel Webster College. Prior to VMware he served a Fortune 1000 company in southern NH as a Systems Architect/Administrator, architecting VMware solutions to support new application deployments. At VMware, in the roles of Consulting Architect, Chris has guided partners as well as customers in establishing a VMware practice and consulted on multiple customer projects ranging from datacenter migrations to long-term residency architecture support. Currently, Chris is working on the newest VMware vCloud Hybrid Service solutions and architectures for vSphere customers wishing to migrate to the VMware Hybrid Cloud Service. Chris is also a VMware Certified Design Expert, (VCDX #37).


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