Many VMware customers are leveraging vCloud Hybrid Service to take their business to the next level.

Here are a few of the benefits VMware customers are achieving with vCloud Hybrid Service:

  • Nexon America, a leading free-to-play video game publisher, leveraged vCloud Hybrid Service to expand the capabilities they had already implemented in their private cloud. This expansion was made even easier thanks to the internal team’s existing familiarity with VMware-based environments.
  • Columbia Sportswear first looked at the public cloud as an option to prevent downtime during disasters or data center moves. Their strategy is to seamlessly scale their on premises data center by moving Tier 3 and Tier 4 workloads off premises. Their deployment of vCloud Hybrid Service was enhanced by VMware’s easy onboarding process and support team. 
  • Digital River was able grow their internal capabilities into a global enterprise solution that works both in a private could, as well as with vCloud Hybrid Service. Under vCloud Hybrid Service, Digital River was also able to burst into other third-party cloud providers, achieving global flexibility, as needed, on demand.
  • Planview, a leader in the portfolio and resource management industry, appreciated vCloud Hybrid Service’s easy onboarding process, especially with the assistance of VMware’s support team. Planview is now looking at expanding their bursting or DR capabilities for customers using vCloud Hybrid Service.
  •  As Creative Solutions in Healthcare found, shifting to vCloud Hybrid Service has been a “total game changer,” enabling them to deliver new applications while adhering to state and federal regulations.

Listen to what other organizations have to say about vCloud Hybrid Service in the video below:

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