We asked, and you delivered. Thanks to everyone who took the time to fill out our recent audience survey – we feel like we know you all just a little bit better now. For those interested, here’s a summary of what our followers had to say in our recent vCloud audience survey:

Which of the following best describes your role in your organization?


Not surprisingly, an overwhelming number of our followers work in IT. Nearly 40% are IT Directors, about 20% are IT practitioners, and IT Managers and VPs of IT each make up 15%.

How large is your company?


Nearly 40% of our audience, are at companies with 5000-9999 employees, 40% come from smaller organizations and 20% from larger.

What workloads/applications are you moving, or considering moving, to the cloud?


When looking at the workloads that our audience is looking to move to the cloud, 60% are looking at packaged applications, 50% are looking at disaster recovery and 40% are looking at dev/test. Note: In the survey, participants were allowed to select more than one option.

Who are you considering using for your next cloud project to ensure interoperability with your internal data center? 

who are you considering

The majority of respondents, over 60%, said they are considering VMware for their next cloud project in order to ensure interoperability with their internal data center. Amazon and Microsoft follow with a little over 50% and 35% of your vote, respectively. 

Are you a current VMware customer? (if you’re a VMware partner, select “No.”)

An overwhelming majority of respondents, 70%, are current VMware customers.

As you can see, most of our audience already has a relationship with us, and for that, we’re thankful. We hope to continue to provide you with useful content about VMware and how the hybrid cloud can benefit your organization, regardless of size. 

Thanks again for everyone who took our survey, and if you were one of the first 200 respondents, enjoy the coffee.

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