VMware is thrilled to announce the general availability of VMware vCloud Hybrid Service in Europe, an exciting step forward to further expand our infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) footprint in Europe.

Why is the UK launch of vCloud Hybrid Service significant? With the launch of our new Slough, UK data center, our customers in Europe who have been vocal about what they need to adopt hybrid cloud can now benefit from the ability to move workloads into the public cloud when demand calls for it, while also keeping their data within the national boundaries of the UK.

VMware vCloud Hybrid Service is a true hybrid cloud that enables customers to enjoy the cost economics and agility public cloud, while maintaining the same control, security, and corporate compliance they already have in their existing data center.

A quick breakdown of what the new UK data center has to offer customers:

  • Fully-redundant VM service – Unlike other clouds, VMware provides a service level agreement for VM availability, backed by fully-redundant server infrastructure using VMware vSphere vMotion.
  • Enterprise-class storage – VMware uses flash-accelerated disk storage, 10G networking and congestion control to meet the performance demands of enterprise applications.
  • Full network virtualization – VMware customers can deploy a rich set of load balancers, firewalls and VPNs using virtual networks, switches and routers to replicate their physical networking configuration, at no extra cost!

We’re excited not only to reach such a significant milestone, but also for the opportunity to help more customers usher in a new era of innovation, no matter where they are in the world.  As we continue to expand the vCloud Hybrid Service’s hybrid capabilities, we look forward to celebrating even more of these milestones.

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