When customers bring workloads to vCloud Hybrid Service, they are not only looking for an integrated, common platform that leverages the same quality VMware tools they use everyday – they are also looking for guaranteed high-performance access to cloud-based applications and data from anywhere in the world, at anytime, without performance degradation or latency issues.

That’s why Silver Peak, the leading provider of data acceleration software, is working with VMware to ensure high performance access to cloud-based applications for all customers using the vCloud Hybrid Service.

Silver Peak accelerates data transfers to vCloud Hybrid Service and provides an ongoing local area network-like experience for applications. This optimizes the performance of any application, from large to small, with up to 1 gigabit-per-second of wide area network throughput.

Silver Peak also improves efficiency and lowers bandwidth charges through real-time, network-level de-duplication and compression. It increases responsiveness by fixing lost and out-of-order packets in real-time, and prioritizing latency-sensitive applications using Quality of Service and traffic shaping techniques. It’s the perfect complement to the VMware vCloud Hybrid Service.

Other areas that Silver Peak WAN complements the vCloud Hybrid Service:

  • Initial Data Migration — Silver Peak’s data acceleration solutions can help speed up the usually days long process of moving data into the cloud for the first time.
  • Ongoing Data Synchronization — Silver Peak helps keep WAN performance at its best when customers are backing up, replicating or synchronizing between data centers and the cloud.
  • Multi-Site Access to the Cloud — Silver Peak provides strong connections and support for services, like email, file and Web apps. Customers may run in the cloud and from a variety of geographically diverse locations, including private clouds and data centers.

As a beta participant in the vCloud Hybrid Service ISV engagement framework, Silver Peak has received technical guidance and engagement from VMware to enable this differentiated and robust offering on the vCloud Hybrid Service.

Silver Peak has two software options available through the vCloud Hybrid Service marketplace: Silver Peak VX, designed to optimize geographically distributed, multi-site access to vCloud, and Velocity Replication Acceleration (VRX), designed for secure site-to-site data migration, ongoing replication and backups. VRX also includes easy point-and-click setup, specialized data storage views for administrators and scalable pricing to meet small, medium or large replication needs. The software is sized based on WAN bandwidth and is deployed at both ends of a WAN connection.

Current Silver Peak license holders can bring their existing licenses to vCloud at no expense. To sign up for a free 30-day trial of Silver Peak on your vCloud Hybrid Service instance, just click here.

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