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Following the excitement of the general availability of VMware vCloud Hybrid Service in the US and now Europe, VMware’s hybrid cloud strategy is being well received and adopted among our customers and partners. It’s important to have a “subject matter expert” lead our customers and partners through this transition to capitalize on the growing cloud trend, while supporting IT with the rigor and management it needs.

We are pleased to officially announce that Simone Brunozzi, has joined VMware as VMware vCloud Hybrid Service Vice President and Chief Technologist, Hybrid Cloud.

Hear directly from Simone below on why he chose to join VMware.

I grew up in a small Italian town, called Assisi. After working as an entrepreneur, a consultant, a (young) University professor, a novelist and CTO for the relatively small Foreigners University of Perugia, I decided that I wanted to be more ambitious. I left Italy to work for “a little bookstore up in Seattle”, which also happens to be a very successful Internet company. For six years, I took hundreds of flights around the world, spoke at hundreds of conferences, met with thousands of customers, developers, cloud experts and engineers, and learned A LOT.

People tend to get attached to their personal experiences and recall the positives better than the negatives, but I can safely say that for me it was the experience of a lifetime. A lot of independence, a lot of exposure to the bleeding edge of technology. Wow, what a ride it has been. I am very grateful for my time there, and I will miss the interaction with great people like Werner Vogels (’s CTO) and others.

Why VMware

As it often happens in life, fate rolled the dice, and in the moment when I started looking around, an old acquaintance talked me into accepting an exciting position at VMware.

At that point, if you’ve learned something in life, you ask yourself why you want to change, and chase another opportunity.

Speed and growth: VMware is a young company, growing fast and reinventing itself. You can see the signs all around, it’s like… An old city suddenly enjoying a gold rush: old buildings are replaced by shiny new ones, streets become busier than ever, and you feel that vibration all around you.

Plus, VMware just announced that VMware vCloud Hybrid Service is expanding in Europe, and has accelerated the pace of acquisitions, both good signs that we’re now sailing at full speed. We’ve recently passed the 14,500 employees mark, and the new campus in Palo Alto is bigger than ever.

Opportunity: The position I was offered – Vice President and Chief Technologist, Hybrid Cloud – is both a challenge and an opportunity for me: new types of customers (more enterprise, less SMBs and startups), different ways to adopt and buy services, different barriers and incentives at play, and ultimately different players in the game. It’s an opportunity to learn many new things, and try to prove myself again.

Innovation: VMware has an impressive array of technology, ready to invade the market. It doesn’t fully surprise me that the company which made virtualization the de facto standard for every data center in the world, is again reinventing itself with the Software-Defined Data Center (thanks, in part, to the Nicira acquisition), End User Computing (with the Desktone – now renamed Horizon – and Air Watch acquisitions), and of course with the team I will be part of, vCloud Hybrid Services (or vCHS).

Care: It’s only my first week at VMware, but I already feel that this company genuinely cares about things such as the environment, giving back and the well being of others. I’m completely new to green, charitable and volunteer initiatives pushed by the company. It’s a great feeling. I don’t want to diverge too much, but I will dedicate some future posts to the beautiful details of what I’ve seen.

Knowledge: I really liked my colleague Chris Wolf’s blog post on his decision to join VMware, and in particular his mention of this unstoppable trend to rethink the modern user experience – particularly in the enterprise. I’m also thrilled that Ben Fathi has recently joined VMware as a global CTO, bringing his impressive experience with him.

These are just two of the many examples of smart people that are attracted by the opportunity to reshape IT again. And again. And again. You can’t easily beat the opportunity to work alongside these valuable minds.

Next steps

You will hear from me again, possibly more often than you’d like! In the meantime, feel free to follow me on Twitter, and let me know your thoughts.

Lastly, if you’re looking for a great place to work, I humbly suggest to look at VMware as well. You won’t regret it.

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