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vCloud Hybrid Service Direct Connect Now Available

We are happy to announce that VMware vCloud Hybrid Service now supports Direct Connect. On the heels of our UK data center announcement and the opening of our 4th data center in the USA in Dallas, TX, we are excited to give you more options on how to connect to and leverage the cloud.

By providing a dedicated and secure private line connection in addition to IPsec VPN, which is already available with each cloud service offering, VMware is making it easier for you to enjoy the benefits of hybrid cloud computing. Leveraging Direct Connect and working with our network provider partners, you can set up private line connectivity into your vCloud Hybrid Service instance via dedicated circuits from your facility, or cross-connections from your co-located data center, into the VMware cloud.

Secure, High Throughput Connectivity

With speeds up to 1 or 10 Gbps, Direct Connect can enable new hybrid architectures, connecting your existing data centers to vCloud Hybrid Service with minimal latency. This is great for distributed applications that transfer large amounts of data or complex applications that are sensitive to latency variation.

In addition, Direct Connect is a private, dedicated line, which makes it easier for you to meet strict security and compliance rules. You can even route all vCloud Hybrid Service traffic through your existing network security system on-premises to make a completely private extension of your data center.


Working with our partners, you can establish high speed, multi-point connections into your cloud to allow remote and branch office locations to have the same secure line into vCloud Hybrid Service or connect directly into vCloud Hybrid Service from a co-located server.

Direct Connect opens up a vast array of options for how you can leverage the capacity in vCloud Hybrid Service. With this offering, VMware extends its leadership in hybrid cloud computing and delivers another way for companies to take advantage of the VMware-run cloud service built on vSphere – the world’s leading virtualization platform.

Purchasing Details

VMware provides the following port connection options:

  • Dedicated Cloud: 1 or 10 Gbps port connection
  • Virtual Private Cloud: 1 Gbps port connection

Direct Connect is now available in both the Santa Clara, CA and Sterling, VA data centers with our initial partner, Savvis. For more details on Direct Connect, read this primer on the offering.

We have a lot of new features and capabilities in the works, just for you. To learn more about these features and capabilities, follow this blog with your favorite RSS reader, or follow our social channels at @vCloud and

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