By David Davis

If you haven’t read my VMworld Europe 2013 Day Zero and Day One Wrap Ups yet, make sure that you read those to get up to date!

On this second official day of VMworld Europe 2013, the morning kicked off with an empowering keynote by VMware President and COO, Mr Carl Eschenbah.

Carl talked about how, 10 years ago, the first VMworld took place in San Diego, CA and had just 1,400 attendees. Since then, VMware has created a rich company foundation that allows them to now continue their rich innovation. Carl summarized the announcements from the past few days related to vSphere 5.5, vCOPS 5.x, vCAC 6.0, the NSX GA, and vCHS.

Carl said that NSX will revolutionize the technology industry just as ESX did many years ago. Eschenbach went on to make these points:

  • That software will reduce the friction between business and IT to enable increased business value.
  • That since business rely on IT, the important software layer fits in between IT and the business to enable the business to do so much more – ultimately creating greater profitiability
  • We must do more to move away from a world where businesses spend 70% of their IT investment just to “keep the light on” and, instead, spend it on innovation.
  • VMware will turn CIOs into “Chief Innovation Officers”
  • And finally, that the move from legacy datacenter infrastructure and software to IT as a Service and automation are the only way forward for today’s businesses

Carl said that IT infrastructure must do 3 things:

  1. Virtualize all of IT
  2. Enable automation, not just management
  3. Provide a compatible hybrid cloud solution that is ubiquitous

As in San Francisco, Carl brought on Kit Colbert from the office of the CTO to help him demonstrate how VMware can help. As I did in San Francisco, I found that this demonstration was very effective, useful, and even entertaining at times (big kudos to Kit and Carl for doing such a great job!)


Kit and Carl demonstrated (at one point with the help of the “I Love Lucy Chocolate Factory” video), the following:

  • How vCAC and vSphere integrate into OpenStack
  • How vCAC enabled IT as a Service to deliver the business applications faster with the demonstration of Carl’s “Project Vulcan” application on a private cloud
  • How VMware’s IT business management suite (ITBM) provides analysis of costs between private cloud, Amazon, Azure, and vCHS up front so you can make smart IT investment decisions
  • How the vCAC “Auto Scale” feature will allow you to scale up your load when it’s needed

Here’s what the ITBM piece of vCAC looks like:


From automation, Kit and Carl went on to discuss NSX. They covered how:

  • NSX is used to decouple the logical network from the underlying hardware which provides greater agility
  • How NSX can be used to automatically provision the whole network infrastructure around a new application
  • That you can leverage your ESX knowledge to use NSX
  • That virtual machines can be migrated to NSX with no downtime using vMotion
  • That NSX can provide all the traditional network services including L2 configuration, L3 configuration, firewalling, security between app tiers and with the outside networks, as well as load balancing (note that the NSX autoprovisioning demo was a “glimpse of what SDN may be able to do in the future”
  • That NSX allows you to move the intelligence from the network switch and into the hypervisor where you can manage, provision, and automate

Carl summarized what NSX delivers in this slide:


From here, Carl brought up Joe Baguley (@JoeBaguley), VMware’s CTO for EMEA to talk about Mobility. Joe and Carl discussed and demonstrated the realities of today’s conventional IT infrastructures.


And how what VMware is providing, with policy-based automation, is far different from scripting and rule-based management that is used today.


And finally, how vCloud Hybrid Service is now integrated with your vSphere Web Client.

Carl summarized by saying “the amount of innovation at VMware is staggering!”

Personally, I loved it when Carl said “we are honored that many of you bet your careers on VMware and Virtualization”. I love how Carl’s message makes IT Pros feel like “masters of the universe” – it’s empowering!

You can watch a replay of this general session for yourself, if you wish.

From the general session, the day was filling with many great sessions on vCloud, vSphere, vCenter Operations, and yes, even my session.

Here you see me with my co-speaker, vExpert Mattias Sundling (@MSundling) of Nutanix before our presentation entitled “Mythbusting Goes Virtual” (look for the recording if you missed it).


That night was the VMworld party coined “SUPER CLUB”. VMware took the convention area where the general session was given and turned it into a crazy kind of nightclub with bowling, roller-skating, dancers, food, and drinks.

Here are some of the pictures I took:

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Look for my VMworld final wrap up tomorrow!

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