By David Davis

For those who haven’t read them yet, this post is part of a 4 part series of posts on VMworld Europe 2013 so make sure you read my VMworld Europe 2013 Day Zero, Day One, and Day Two Wrap Ups to stay up to date!

On this third and final official day of VMworld Europe 2013, many started the day off with hands on labs (HoL) at 8:00am when they opened (which would later facilitate the 35,000 powered on virtual machines that the HoL hit later that day). From there, the day was filled with attending sessions and the solutions exchange. Many of the sessions that were given on the last day were the most popular sessions of the conference as they had been repeated from their original time to run on the last day.

One of my favorite sessions was “PHC4750, How to Build a Hybrid Cloud in Less than a Day”, presented by Chris Colotti and Dave Hill, both of VMware (which you may be able to watch or listen to now from the VMworld 2013 San Francisco recordings). This is something I plan to do for myself when I return home, with my own home lab and VMware vCloud Hybrid Service.

Of course the last day was also a time final chance for socialization with peers – something I took advantage of – spending some time in the community lounge.

Some of the coolest things that I saw or did on the last day are:

  • Took advantage of a photo op and book signing with the distinguished Mr Scott S Lowe (@Scott_Lowe), author of Mastering vSphere, vSphere Design, and his upcoming book – Mastering vSphere 5.5 – available for pre-order now. Scott, always humble and cordial, was meeting fans and signing books when I was able to get this picture with him (thanks Scott!)
  • Watch James Bowling’s (@vSential) GoPro action cam, showing what it’s like, from a first hand perspective, what it’s like to be a first time attendee at VMworld Europe. To find out for yourself (or to send to a colleague who has never been), watch his first hand video:
  • Saw the VMworld TV crew – Eric Sloof (@esloof) and Jeremy van Doorn – shooting some cool videos which do a great job of reporting on the VMworld Europe show as well as new certifications, products, and more. Eric and ? always make the videos fun, educational, and humorous too. Their day 3 wrapup video is below but you can find all of them at the VMworldTV webpage.

Overall, VMworld Europe was a huge success for me – I spoke at the Mythbusting session, gave out cards with free 30 day access to my video vSphere training, conducted some video interviews, learned about the massive number of innovations that VMware has made and is announcing, and – most importantly – networked with nice people in the community (which is undoubtedly the best part of VMworld). Oh yeah, I had some fun too (but don’t tell my boss).

Speaking of community, one of the best visual examples of what makes the virtualization community so great is the top of John Troyer’s laptop. As you can see, there are a lot of people and groups that make this community what it is and John’s stickers represent just a few of them:


(I personally love the @TrainSignal, @vTexan, @vBeers, and vBrownbag stickers) 

Once the conference shut down, everyone headed for the Metro station, the free bus to the airport, or the taxi line (which is what you see below).


Thanks for reading this series of VMworld 2013 Europe posts and, if you haven’t read them yet, please read my VMworld Europe 2013 Day Zero, Day One, and Day Two Wrap Ups.

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