When it comes to the vCloud Hybrid Service, Matt Mock, IT Manager at GreenPages, Inc., shares, “What I am looking for in a hybrid cloud is the ability to easily move workloads and view all clouds within a single management pane. vCloud Hybrid Service will provide me the ability to extend our private cloud and utilize it for a secondary site.”

A multimillion dollar national consulting and integration organization, GreenPages supports commercial, healthcare, and financial clients in fully virtualizing their environments and transforming their datacenter and IT operations so they can leverage the power of cloud computing. Of course, supporting over $130 million in revenue is no easy task.

However, in supporting their ecosystem, GreenPages came across a few obstacles:

  • An infrastructure capacity shortage
  • Test/Dev/QA environment needs
  • The need for a secondary datacenter location.

To address these challenges, GreenPages turned to the vCloud Hybrid Service. In doing so, they were able to realize the distinct advantage of the vCloud Hybrid Service’s compatibility with their current on-premise workloads.

The results? By deploying the vCloud Hybrid Service, GreenPages was able to achieve:

  • High performance infrastructure for production apps;
  • Built-in, high availability used to support traditional apps.

According to GreenPages, the VMware vCloud Hybrid Service makes it simple to leverage resources off-premise, while still maintaining the option to move that workload back on-premise or to another public cloud in the future. With the vCloud Hybrid Service, GreenPages can also maintain the same level of performance, availability and security desired and required and expected from their VMware-based infrastructure.

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