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Introducing The New vCloud Hybrid Service Marketplace

Earlier today, we announced the general availability of the vCloud Hybrid Service to all of our customers in the U.S. Following on the heels of this announcement, we’re also happy to unveil the new vCloud Hybrid Service Marketplace – a one-stop shop for where customers can find all the software they need to seamlessly extend their data centers to the cloud.

The transition to the cloud should be simple, and no matter where you are in your hybrid cloud journey, you can discover and buy solutions in the Marketplace that meet your particular business needs. Whether you’re looking to download leading operation systems and applications directly from VMware, browse a library of applications from VMware and partners, buy SaaS applications that run on VMware’s cloud infrastructure, or find recommendations and best practices for bringing existing software licenses to the cloud, the Marketplace is the perfect place to discover vCloud Hybrid Service compatible software, with over 3,800 online resources at your fingertips.

Discover, download and launch solutions for the vCloud Hybrid Service with just one click! Browsing the Marketplace is easy – you can search either via application categories, or by the following purchasing options:

  • Catalog: An operating system and application catalog of commonly used workloads for the vCloud Hybrid Service.
  • Bring Your Own License: Whitepapers provide guidance on how to use existing software licenses on the vCloud Hybrid Service. VMware is working with leading operating systems and application vendors to create these whitepapers so that customers understand their options for license mobility/BYOL to the vCloud Hybrid Service.
  • Virtual Appliances: Self-contained appliances that make it simpler to acquire, deploy and manage applications on the vCloud Hybrid Service by eliminating underlying hardware and operating system dependencies.
  • Bundled SaaS: Browse solutions from select SaaS providers who have chosen the vCloud Hybrid Service as a secure, enterprise-grade IaaS platform for their offerings. These offerings will launch in January 2014.

Be sure to visit the Marketplace to discover all the tools you need to support your cloud, and check out the to see how the hybrid cloud can transform your business.

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