With all the buzz around hybrid cloud, we’re happy to share that the VMware vCloud Service Provider ecosystem is continuing to grow, with over 250 vCloud Service Provider Partners offering vCloud Powered and vCloud Datacenter services in over 30 countries. That’s 100% year-over-year growth!

We’re also pleased to reveal that the Cloud Credits Purchasing Program, which gives customers an easy on-ramp to the cloud, is also achieving rapid growth, with 25 VMware vCloud Service Provider redemption partners providing coverage in over 20 countries! That’s double the number of redemption partners at launch earlier this year at VMware Partner Exchange and will continue to grow!

VMware hybrid cloud solutions, delivered by vCloud Hybrid Service and vCloud Service Provider Partners, offer unparalleled extensibility and application portability with reduced cost and risk. vCloud Service Providers can address business needs for data center proximity, specific vertical market focus, compliance requirements and any cloud use case.

Our VMware vCloud Service Providers are embracing the VMware hybrid cloud vision as key to growing their business by implementing VMware network virtualization and utilizing VMware products such as vCloud Connector Advanced. Take a brief look at these examples of how VMware is teaming up with our Service Provider Partners to deliver hybrid cloud solutions:

  • Phoenix NAP: vCloud Service Provider, Phoenix NAP, implemented VMware’s network virtualization as a business-critical component of their new Virtual Private Data Center (VPDC). This has allowed them to dynamically create virtual networks with advanced security services, completely decoupled and independent from physical network hardware. This also reduces the time it takes to help customers extend their IT infrastructure to the cloud and more easily adopt IaaS to improve business agility.

For those interested in learning more, VMware has launched a site providing information on the vCloud Service Provider ecosystem, as well as promoting vCloud Service Provider listings. Specific enhancements to the site, such as the ability for customers to search for a Service Provider based on specific geographic or technical criteria have been added to better help customers find a Service Provider that is right for them.

VMware is enabling customers to more easily migrate their server workloads to vCloud Service Providers through strategic relationships with leading migration ISV partners who provide solutions for automated cloud migration and onboarding into public cloud environments. These automated solutions offer the bridge to a cloud environment, featuring secure, policy-driven provisioning with a built-in resiliency and effective high availability at its core.

Be sure to visit our VMware vCloud Service Provider Partners at the Solutions Exchange at VMworld 2013, where you’ll be able to speak directly with many of our partners who are exhibiting the VMware solutions they have to offer!

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