Myspace, a social networking site where users go to connect, discover and share music, and SpecificMedia, an ad solutions agency, were able to successfully leverage the flexibility of the vCloud Hybrid Service to expand and contract their business units based on seasonal or event needs. 

As a site that boasts the world’s largest digital music library of over 53 million tracks, Myspace was built to empower artists from all reaches, from Chart Toppers to new-age stars. However, the site, which has grown in popularity since its recent relaunch, came across various IT challenges that arose from this increased popularity. These challenges included:

  • Difficulty managing multiple platforms from segregated business units;
  • Difficulty keeping technology infrastructure up to date with their fast and changing business direction;.
  • And a large physical infrastructure footprint, not very flexible to business needs, which was hard to expand and shrink quickly.

Enter the VMware vCloud Hybrid Service. With the vCloud Hybrid Service, Myspace moved their first workload to the hybrid cloud – a middle tier transaction application from a Myspace unit, as well as an Ad serving server from SpecificMedia.

Upon implementation of the vCloud Hybrid Service, Myspace reported several benefits, including:

  • Flexibility to scale up or down based on seasonal or event-driven business needs;
  • Ability to work with a familiar platform – the company is already 10% VMware-virtualized and currently utilizes the VMware vCloud Suite.

The vCloud Hybrid Service – bringing you real-time flexibility.

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