You know that the vCloud Hybrid Service combines power with ease of use. You know that vCHS delivers the apps you need, when and where you need them. But do you know the ins and outs of the fastest path to cloud?

For all you vSphere Administrators who are looking to become vCloud Hybrid Service experts, the vCloud Jump Start program is for you! A series of 5 informational sessions, the vCloud Jump Start program is designed to help you become an expert in using the vCloud Hybrid Service and learn how to deliver the agility and infrastructure your business is demanding.

The Jump Start Program consists of 5 sessions, to be consumed in order:

Part 1: Architecture and Consumption Principles

  • In the first Jump Start session, familiarize yourself with the architectural and consumption principles behind vCloud Hybrid Service. You will learn how VMware products (such as vCloud Director, vSphere and vCloud Network and Security) are used to create several different end user experiences that map to different requirements.
  • The session will also discuss technical and architectural aspects of the new service that demonstrate how it can be optimally consumed, as well as cover the nature of the various configurations so users can make educated decisions when selecting them.

Part 2: Networking and Security Basics

  • This second session will cover the basic networking and security constructs inherent in the vCloud Hybrid Service by relating them to common real world use cases. The session will look at networking and security best practices for bringing common enterprise packaged applications into vCloud Hybrid Service.
  • Presenters will discuss how to correctly implement various use cases and requirements within vCloud Hybrid Service, as well as demonstrate how this differs from a standard vCloud Director deployment. All networking and security constructs that are available from the standard vCloud Hybrid Service interface will also be covered, as well as some of the underlying architecture.

Part 3: Advanced Networking and Security

  •  Following the second session, which focused on the networking and security basics of vCloud Hybrid Service, thethird session will deep dive into advanced networking and security constructs.
  • Learn how VMware can help deploy a complex 3-tier web app in a cloud environment, and see how easy it is to extend the data center networking and security constructs to the VMware cloud. This session will show how the vCloud Hybrid Service is ideally suited for extending on-premise networking and security constructs to the cloud.

Part 4: Identifying and Deploying Workloads in vCloud Hybrid Service

  •  Learn how to identify and deploy workloads in the vCloud Hybrid Service, from cloud experts that have more than 40 years of experience in architecting, migrating, deploying, monitoring, managing and conducting disaster recovery on enterprise workloads.
  • This session will teach you five key questions, which need to be answered in order to select the first and second workloads. During the session, instructors will select a workload from the audience and provide a step-by-step demo of moving the workload from Private to Hybrid cloud, securely and quickly.

Part 5: Deep Dive into Hybrid Cloud Management

  •  In this final session of the Jump Start curriculum, attendees will learn how to create a Hybrid Cloud using vSphere and VMware vCloud Hybrid Service. This session will deep dive into hybrid cloud management and will explain how to use tools such as vCenter Operations Manager, Hyperic, vCenter Configuration Manager, and vCenter Automation Center, to monitor and manage resources across Hybrid Clouds.

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