Last month, we unveiled the new vCloud Hybrid Service – an infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) cloud built and operated by VMware that enables our customers to achieve the benefits of the public cloud using all the applications, skills and management tools they already know and trust.

Since the announcement, we’ve seen a lot of interest and questions come in from the community regarding how the new service works and its user experience. Next week is your chance to see firsthand how VMware is truly delivering on the promise of the hybrid cloud – register for our webinar, “Extending Your Data Center with the New vCloud Hybrid Service,” taking place next Wednesday, June 12 at 10am PT.

The webinar will include a demo of the vCloud Hybrid Service in action, including:

  • Creating a new virtual machine from the cloud portal;
  • Connecting your existing vSphere environment to vCloud Hybrid Service;
  • Seamlessly migrating existing workloads to vCloud Hybrid Service.

See firsthand how your organization can combine the convenience and agility of an on-demand public cloud with the freedom to run and have support for over 3,700+ applications on a trusted infrastructure onsite, offsite or both – with ease and without compromise. Register now!

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