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Introducing vCloud Hybrid Service

By: Bill Fathers, GM, Hybrid Cloud Services

A public cloud without compromise. Today it becomes reality. We are excited to unveil vCloud Hybrid Service, an infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) cloud built and operated by VMware that will enable our customers to achieve the benefits of the public cloud with the applications, skills and management tools they already trust. Built on the foundation of VMware vSphere® and leveraging VMware’s software-defined data center technologies, vCloud Hybrid Service will  provide an easy, fast path for VMware customers to achieve the agility and efficiency of the public cloud.

As we talk to customers, we consistently hear that they want the benefits of a public cloud environment, but can’t afford the risk, cost and time of starting over. They want a credible option that is built on trusted, enterprise-grade technology that can be easily deployed. They also want a partner who can give them a platform that delivers the agility expected by the business and the security and reliability IT demands.

We know there are many cloud offerings to choose from, but only vCloud Hybrid Service is built on the same platform that VMware customers use in their own data centers. Those customers have expressed a desire for a cloud offering that is completely compatible with what they are deploying internally and is built on the trusted, reliable foundation they have come to expect from VMware. And vCloud Hybrid Service was designed to support all of their existing applications as well as the development of any new ones – without requiring any change.

There is tremendous opportunity ahead in public cloud services, and VMware is doubling down on its strategy to accelerate the adoption of public cloud. Since 2008, we’ve believed in a model for IT that spans multiple data centers, leveraging a multi-cloud – or hybrid – architecture. As a result, we believe VMware technology has enabled more private and public clouds than any other technology platform. Today there are more than 200 vCloud-certified clouds globally, and VMware will continue to work with our service provider community to make our multi-cloud vision a reality.

The vCloud Hybrid Service is a natural extension of this approach, making the benefits of the software-defined data center available to our customers – and our partners – as a service. We plan to make the vCloud Hybrid Service technology and IP available to our service provider partners, and we believe our experience operating a cloud service will allow us to more rapidly deliver innovations to them in the coming months and years.

The industry understands the benefits of cloud, and the opportunity ahead is for VMware and our partners to help our customers get these benefits as quickly as possible.  We believe that the vCloud Hybrid Service is the fastest way for VMware customers to get to the cloud.  We call this an “inside-out” approach, where the cloud becomes a seamless extension of the data center. This is the cloud without compromise.

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