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This is a guest post by vCloud Service Provider, Logicalis

By: Eric Brooks

If you’re searching for a public cloud provider for infrastructure services, you won’t have to look far; there is nothing short of a plethora of options when it comes to public cloud providers for infrastructure services.  The question is, which one should you choose and why?

Many infrastructure as a service (IaaS) providers have chosen to pursue open source or free solutions and customize them to fit their own models. On the surface, this might seem like the best route. It gives the provider a simple, easy and free solution on which to build their hosted cloud offering. There are no contracts to negotiate and no additional costs to consider.  And since, in a commoditized market, it is often a race to the bottom line, the use of a free hypervisor helps to reduce the base cost of infrastructure components – an attractive option.  But as is often the case, the less expensive route isn’t always the best.

Providers choosing open source or community supported hypervisor solutions quickly find that providing SLAs for availability without enterprise-class support is a bigger challenge than they had anticipated. Innovation is left to the speed of the community and release cycles can be unreliable. Also, the lack of advanced toolsets for monitoring and management requires the provider to build their own custom tools, greatly reducing the time-to-market for new services. These free solution side make providing infrastructure and hosting services in shared multi-tenant environments very difficult for the provider – and frustrating for the customer – to say the least.

VMware has been leading the Intel/AMD virtualization market for over a decade, making it an important partner for an IaaS provider like Logicalis to turn to when building a public cloud service.  VMware’s vSphere platform is not just a hypervisor. It provides an advanced toolset for management through vCenter, an unparalleled monitoring suite in vCenter Operations, and easy end-user provisioning through vCloud Director. It also offers out-of-the-box capabilities for high availability and disaster recovery. The vSphere platform is purpose built for multi-tenancy use cases. These features – in addition to enterprise-class support for all products, industry best performance, and leading-edge innovation in the virtualization space –  mean fast times to market for new services and very tight SLAs for availability.

Logicalis has been able to build a cost-competitive, enterprise-class IaaS offering for both existing and new customers thanks to our tight partnership with VMware’s service provider group which has a service provider licensing model that is well aligned with the consumption model of all its providers. It enables Logicalis to grow its VMware presence as customers continue to see the benefits of moving to the cloud, ultimately giving the end user a better IaaS experience as well.

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Eric Brooks is a cloud solution architect for Logicalis US, an international IT solutions and managed services provider.