In a recent blog post, we skimmed the surface of the journey from virtualization to IT-as-a-Service (ITaaS), but what exactly does ITaaS mean, and how important is it to the success of your enterprise?

Mobility, cloud computing, social media, consumerization, big data and analytics have become deeply integrated into what makes up today’s enterprise. With this, the pace of IT change is rapidly increasing, resulting in a shift in the way organizations use and consume IT resources. More and more companies are releasing new service delivery models that promise to transform IT as people once saw in the past into a revolutionary new IT of the future.

ITaaS: From a mere dream to reality

In order to keep up with rapidly changing business needs, organizations are turning to virtualization and cloud computing to become more agile and boost resource efficiency. One of the most disruptive components born out of this movement is ITaaS.

Though once only an idea, ITaaS has now become a reality with the Software Defined Datacenter (SDDC). The SDDC virtualizes compute, storage, networking and security resources so each can be deployed and managed in a highly automated fashion and creates an on-demand self-service for each. By leveraging a SDDC, IT provides a simple and transparent way – including a direct view of services and costs – to provision and enable a dynamic IT infrastructure that relies on a cloud and software-based foundation to support the agility your enterprise demands.

Why is ITaaS important for my company to thrive? 

ITaaS shifts away from the horizontal mindset of traditional IT – the success of an ITaaS solution depends on thinking about IT vertically, with a clear understanding of business needs from the top and creating a solid, pre-configured building-block foundation of virtualized resources at the bottom. The virtualized building blocks can be combined and deployed with a single click of a button, giving IT the power to quickly and reliably respond to constantly changing business needs and become a true, strategic enabler of the business.

According to IDG’s “Cloud Innovation Study: IT as a Service”, 76% of survey participants in the United States, EMEA, APAC and Latin America indicated that ITaaS was critical if not very important for enterprise success. Benefits of an ITaaS reported include:

  1. Reporting on line of business IT usage costing (68%);
  2. Enhanced ability to manage compliance and regulatory requirements (63%);
  3. And improved customer service (62%).

ITaaS sounds great for my company. How do I get there?

Download our whitepaper, “Delivering ITaaS With a Software-Defined Data Center” to learn more. In Part 2 of our “Delivering IT as a Service with a Software-Defined Data Center” blog series, we will take a deeper dive into IDG’s findings and discuss the four key trends to follow in order to successfully deliver ITaaS to your enterprise. Stay tuned!

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