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We are aware of provisioning delays some users have experienced when signing up for the VMware Cloud Evaluation.  We’d like to apologize to our users for exceeding the target provisioning time for new accounts. For those who are ready to give it a try, we are making room for you.

We also want to be clear that the cloud evaluation is not the beta of VMware’s vCloud Hybrid Service, which was previewed at our Strategic Forum for Institutional Investors in New York last week. The VMware Cloud Evaluation (formerly known as the vCloud Service Evaluation) enables users to get hands-on experience of a vCloud Director environment in a non-production sandbox without a contract or commitment; users are also able to try and experience moving VMware based workloads to/from their on-premise environment to an off-premise environment.

Since introducing the 90-day free trial a few weeks ago, we’ve quickly seen a large uptick in evaluation sign-ups. To meet that demand we are adding more capacity to get you up and running.

For future updates, be sure to follow us on Twitter at @vCloud and @VMwareSP.