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New VMware Cloud Credits Purchasing Program Provides an Easy On-Ramp to the Cloud

By: Geoff Thompson, Director, VMware Cloud Credit Strategy

Today, we’re excited to announce the new VMware Cloud Credits Purchasing Program – a new way for customers to take advantage of public or hybrid cloud as a key component of their comprehensive IT strategy and work with VMware vCloud Service providers more effectively.

Customers can purchase VMware Cloud Credits from VMware Solution Provider Partners and redeem over time with approved VMware Service Provider Partners. Through the VMware Cloud Credits Program, customers will work closely with their Solution Provider partner to identify potential workloads and estimate the credits required to deploy the workload in the cloud via an authorized VMware vCloud Service Provider Partner.  The program enables the customer to apply their credits as needed based on business requirements and provides a very effective mechanism to control cloud spend and manage their providers. In addition, VMware Cloud Credits are managed inside MyVMware providing customers with a single pane of glass to view their perpetual licenses along with all public and hybrid cloud spend.

VMware Cloud Credits are redeemable for Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) offerings from approved VMware vCloud Service Providers – redeemable IaaS offerings include:

  • IaaS Compute Services – CPU, RAM and Storage for each VM;
  • IaaS Networking Services – IP addresses and bandwidth for each VM;
  • Operating System Licensing – OS license for each VM;
  • Network & Security Software Add-ons – Software firewalls, load balancers and anti-virus;
  • IaaS Monitoring and Support – Packaged support for IaaS solution.

VMware Cloud Credits benefit VMware Solution Provider Partners by enabling them to strengthen their strategic value, and offer a full range of cloud solutions to augment perpetual license sales offerings. Additionally, vCloud Service Providers and Solution Providers can take advantage of VMware Cloud Credits to help deepen their relationships with existing customers by working together to identify potential public or hybrid cloud workloads, as well as open up avenues for new customers through additional products and value-added cloud services.

Check out the Cloud Credits page for more information. For future updates, be sure to follow @vCloud and @VMwareSP on Twitter!


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