As a vCloud Service Provider, it’s important to always monitor your VMware product consumption. The vCloud Usage Meter, available as a free virtual appliance to all Service Provider Partners who are reporting on the vCloud Service Provider Bundles, automates the collection of VMware product usage data and makes it simple for Service Providers to gather data and generate reports to support the VSPP billing process.

The latest version of the vCloud Usage Meter (3.0.2) includes increased stability as well as enhancements to integration, monitoring, billing processing, reporting, memory utilization, and performance.  The 3.0.2 patch release adds support for vCenter Operations Manager 5.6 and vCenter Site Recovery Manager 5.1 along with fixes in vCenter Site Recovery Manager 5.0 to address agent based replication errors in some installations.

Learn how to best measure, monitor and report your VMware data with these vCloud Usage Meter How-to videos:

Licenses and Automatic Reporting

This video covers how to create license keys and group license keys under specific sets, as well as how to introduce the three licensing categories (and how to properly set them up to avoid billing discrepancies), and set up an automatic reporting section to automatically generate reports and email them to an aggregator or elsewhere.


Learn how to enter your Service Provider details for generating reports, email reports automatically, add/edit multiple vCenter servers and pair them with Site Recovery Managers as needed, set up a time in the vCloud Integration Manager to pull vRAM usage data from vCenter Servers, and configure an outgoing email server to receive alerts and reports.  


Become a reporting guru! Learn how to create and differentiate between billing reports, usage reports, customer summary reports, license summary reports, product reports, and customer product reports.

Working with Customer and Rules 

See how to create customers both manually and by importing information from a selected file, edit and delete customers, create customer rules manually or by filtering and selecting a vSphere inventory object, and update Customer Summary Reports according to the customer rules you’ve set up.

By the time you’re finished with our how-to videos, you’ll be an expert with the vCloud Usage Meter. You can find the how-to videos on the Service Provider Learning Path on Partner Central’s Partner University.

From the Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) path, choose the System Administrator role then the Service Provider IAAS Usage Meter System Administrator link.  Be sure to click on each of the video links in order to “Add to myLibrary”.  You can then watch the videos by accessing them through the “Enrollments” link in the “My Education” tab.

Click here to download the vCloud Usage Meter 3.0.2 virtual appliance today.  For more details on vCloud Usage Meter 3.0.2, please download our FAQ or visit the vCloud Usage Meter Community.

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